Use of Antibiotics in US meat production is breeding “Superbugs” and deadly infections

The use of anti-biotics in the meat production and the farms in general is at a point, where one US House Representative says is like pouring chemicals into kids' Cheerios.  This discussion is absolutely scary!!!  I am surprised no one is even talking about it in the US the way it should be talked about. Everybody knows the basic issue with antibiotics. Overuse them, or casually use them, and you undercut the miraculous effectiveness of one of the most important classes of drugs humans have ever … [Read more...]

Gol Gappas, Paani Puris or Phuchkas: The Indian love for small balls with Spicy water and “stuff” in it

Whoever has lived in India, north of Vindhyas and not tasted the round wheat balls with tangy, spicy water and other "stuff" in it?In Delhi, we call it Gol Gappas.  Mumbaikars call it Paani pooris.  And, as I just came to know, Bongs (short for Bengalis) call them Phuchkas.  As much as I like the word Gol Gappas... I grew up with that!... I find Phuchkas to be a rather interesting word for those things.  Short, sweet, and conveys the taste.For the women connoisseurs of this dish, which is bes … [Read more...]

Great News: Per Capita Soda Consumption in US down to 1987 levels!

Some good news for the health activists and enthusiasts.  People in US are consuming much less Soda now.  In fact the levels are down to almost what they were 15-30 years back.  The Soda consumption has declined 1.2% in 2012 -- down to 1996 levels, with per capita consumption in the U.S. falling to 1987 levels as per the Beverage Digest.During the entire 1990s the Soda consumption was rising by 3%, before it slowed in 1999.It seems that Coke conntinues to rule this beverage market which is wo … [Read more...]

Monsanto vs Indiana’s Soy Farmer case: Critical for the future of Agriculture in the world!

This is the legal case between a small farmer and Monsanto, the Agriculture Giant of the Genetically Modified seeds.  The arguments of both the sides are very strong and very interesting!For the future of agriculture in the US and indeed around the world, the result of this case will be very significant.  In fact, critical! A suit between biotech giant Monsanto and an Indiana farmer has reached the high court. Gwen Ifill dissects the case with Marcia Coyle of the National Law Journal. Ray S … [Read more...]

Whiskey: Its history and current industry

Whiskey has had a love-hate relationship with mankind.  It has been the big thing in the liquor industry for a long time.  However, it has been on a decline for last 3-4 decades.  Now it seems to be making a comeback in the market.  Tom Ashbrook of OnPoint Radio brings a program on the History and the current state of the Whiskey industry. “Whiskey is all right in its place,” said the famous evangelist Billy Sunday, “but its place is hell.” Well, a lot of people might disagree lately.For a long … [Read more...]

McDonalds India to pay Rs 15,000 for delivering the wrong burger

Companies can no longer take the Indian customers for granted.  They cannot just treat them easily.  Here is an interesting case where McDonalds in India delivered a non-vegetarian burger to a customer even though she had ordered vegetarian.  She was awarded Rs 15,000 for the negligence. Fast food giant McDonald's has been directed by a consumer forum here to pay Rs 15,000 as compensation to one of its customers for delivering a non-veg burger instead of the vegetarian one she had ordered.The S … [Read more...]

Hunger is man-made in India: If India used Rice Growing techniques China and Indonesia use, it could feed 400 mn more!

China (197 million tonnes), India (131 Mt), and Indonesia (64 Mt) are the three largest Rice producers in the world.  China had the highest productivity for rice farming and can produce 6.59 tonnes per hectare.Rice is the mainstay for India's agriculture.  But despite the "Green Revolution" and so many "schemes" by the Government Indian farmers have a productivity that is FAR below that of China and even Indonesia.  India's rice productivity is 40% of China and 60% of Indonesia!  If India cou … [Read more...]

Beef Burgers in Britain and Ireland contained Horse meat

The Brits are in a bit of trouble.  Their Beef burger patties had Horsemeat in it as well. Many of Britain's biggest retailers were forced to pull products from their shelves yesterday as their suppliers were found to be selling beefburgers laced with horse meat.  Tesco's were found to contain up to 29 per cent equine DNA, while Asda, Sainsbury's and the Co-op all withdrew frozen burgers as a 'precautionary measure'. I am not sure what the logic behind adding Horse meat was, but my basic e … [Read more...]