Hookah vs Cigarettes: Studies show Hookah is better and College women are doing more Hookah in US


As if slowing the run into things like cancer is something to rejoice.  But then we have a world where such research studies are still done and lapped up by people who would rather place their health and life in someone else's hands.  Apparently, a study has found that Hookah - yes those smoking pipes in the "Hookah Bars" - are better than cigarettes. Smoking a "hookah" may be less harmful than a cigarette as it contains lower levels of four toxic metals, claims a new international study r … [Read more...]

Myriad Genetics patents Breast, Ovarian Cancer Genes: Who Owns Human Genes now?

Myriad Genetics, is a Utah-based biotechnology company.  It has discovered and isolated two extremely important genes associated with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer — BRCA 1 and BRCA 2.Now, Myriad Genetics has patented its discovery which grants it a 20-year monopoly over use of the genes for research, diagnostics and treatment. A section of researchers, medical groups and patients are challenging the patent as invalid and have sued.It is a very important court case.  The genes aren't c … [Read more...]

Leukemia patients pay 20 times in US vs India; India’s Drug Patents “Activism” and its impacts

Cancer in India is growing fast and drugs aren't there.  Ninety percent of children with leukemia in high-income countries will be cured, but 90 percent of those with that disease in low-income countries will die from it. The drugs are being developed by the companies in the West and these companies, using the reasons that they spent millions developing the drug - charge exorbitant prices.  Prices that Indian consumers cannot pay.  Nor of other developing countries.  India - more importantly, Ind … [Read more...]

I am Deaf, but not Dumb! – Daily fight of 18 mn deaf people in India that is mentally stone deaf

India has 18 million deaf people but only 250 practicing sign language interpreters!  There are no TTY (Text Telephone) in the country, of course no deaf news, no closed captioning, and no Government recognition for ISL yet.What can the society do to engage with and make space for the deaf ? … [Read more...]

The sad state of American healthcare and patients: Bill Maher weighs in

No one can say it like Bill Maher.  So here I get his take on the Medical Science in the US.  This program happened during the Democratic primaries before the first Obama elections.  As usual, very incisive and hilarious!The state of US healthcare is really bad.  And by default, it is not just US healthcare - but this culture of popping pills and doing unnecessary procedures has become an epidemic every where in the world.  Sometimes, just exercising regularly can help.  Yoga, if done right, ca … [Read more...]

How one Autistic Couple tries to live a “normal” life

Autism is a tough situation, where the person, though living at the high end of spectrum on certain skills is short on the emotional front.  But people with such syndromes do have feelings.  How do they navigate the world and express them?  Can they live normal lives?  Here is a one couple that’s navigating those challenges. And finding that their shared diagnosis helps them understand each other.  This is a program by Tom Ashbrook on "On Point Radio.Guests:Amy Harmon, Pulitzer Prize- … [Read more...]

The Curse of living in Industrialized World

Petrozavodsk is a rather poor Russian city of 270,000 on the shores of Lake Onega and the capital of the Republic of Karelia.  It is on the border of Finland.  The Finnish population on the other side of the border is 7 times richer than the Russian population.  However, the genetic makeup, climate, geography is pretty much the same.Yet there is one major difference.64 out of every 100,000 Finnish kids are afflicted with Type I Diabetes.  The rate was a fourth of this in 1950s.  In … [Read more...]

Guidelines to tell patients of disease in their genes: right or wrong?

Anyone who is mapping your genomes now, may actually tell you if any genetically identifiable disease is written into your genes.  Whether you like it or not.  Some folks think that this is not a good thing - and argue that these guidelines are bad. Is it a doctor’s responsibility to tell you if a disease is written on your genetic code? And if so, do you really want him or her to tell you? Thanks to new guidelines by the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics, this may soon be a rea … [Read more...]