Deafening "Activist" Silence and terrorist Explosions destroy yet another Buddha!

Swat Valley or Shrivastu as it was known earlier (and home of the Shrivastavas of the Indian Kayasthas), is known for the Buddhist relics of the Gandhara era. One of them is the cross-legged Buddha. Swat has also been Pakistan's best ski resort. It is now in news because the Islamists of the North West Frontier province want to blow the Buddha statue away just like the Taliban did to Bamiyan in Afghanistan. Strangely, not a word of protest has been heard from the Islamic world, intellectuals … [Read more...]

Xenophobia in Germany

A comment was left on my quite an old post on xenophobic situation in Germany and how Indians were beaten, by a gentleman names - Wilder Robert. He has opened - and is encouraging people to also - one-page web site with the name of towns and cities in Germany where racial violence and incidents occur and host a "Domain of Shame" content. On his one pager he discusses - Mügeln a town in West Germany. His comment also discusses how the four Indian victims are being harassed in what is … [Read more...]

Hinglaj Temple in Pakistan and Bonded Labourers

Hinglaj Mata temple is in Pakistan near Karachi. Here are some devotees. These kids are bonded labourers who work on the farms of the feudal lords in Pakistan. It is sad that kids are even today in bonded labor. How the feudal lords (fundamentalist in their own right) treat Hindu poor kids is beyond imagination. I,nevertheless, loved the extremely expressive faces of these kids with innocence showing so clearly! For children, it is great fun - especially for Thari children who remain … [Read more...]

Arjun Singh Boo-ed in JNU over OBC quotas

It is not going well for Arjun Singh and his cronies .. is it? First the Supreme Court gives its verdict to stay the OBC admissions and now when the minister goes to JNU - the hot bed of Leftists and the most sympathetic place for such laws.. and gets BOO-ED!! Serves this bastard right!! How I wish someone could give Dr. Manmohan Singh also a piece of their mind.. for playing such divisive politics and then justifying it!! Source link Powered by Qumana … [Read more...]

Muslim Discrimination Theory is BUNK!!

The truth is out.. the Muslim discrimination theory is BUNK!! Yes.. it is BUNK! The unemployment percentage as surveyed by Government's own agency of Hindus and Muslims is about the same!! So, where is the case for quotas??? … [Read more...]

Reservation for OBCs at IITs and IIMs: Supreme Court says NO!!

Whenever I have looked at the American "Democracy", I have thanked God (or whoever) that India is a BETTER democracy! One of the most foundational principle of a democracy is independence of the three branches: Executive, Legislature, and Judiciary, such that there are adequate checks and balances on each. Well.. US doesn't even pretend to have the any modicum of that independence! Just as the last 8 years have amply shown - the Executive is the king and Legislature and Judiciary … [Read more...]

Virginia's Apology for Slavery and the Sham of all this!

Virginia is "sorry" for its role in slavery. Well... making such meaningless statements is one... being prepared to reflect that mindset is another. Remember this is the state where George Allen represented in the last elections for Senate and lost by just a little.. and he was the one who became famous for the "Macaca" remarks on an Indian person. Well this is the state where he ran for Senate nevertheless and almost won! Apology my foot! Virginia's General … [Read more...]

Racist Quote of the Month

"I don't want my 17-year-old son to have to pick tomatoes or make beds in Las Vegas." -- Karl Rove, quoted by the National Review, explaining the rationale behind Bush’s immigration plan. … [Read more...]

A Hindu forced to become a Muslim in Malaysia

Remember we talked about discrimination against the Hindus yesterday? According to the law, when one embraces Islam, there is no provision that allows him to take another religion or go back to his former religion, Here is another example from Malaysia. All those who shout hoarse about religious freedom.. ought to get up now. This is absolute bottom when it comes to religious independence! Two siblings of ethnic Indian origin claiming to be Hindus have demanded that Malaysian … [Read more...]

How racist are Indians?

We have been talking of the racism that Shilpa Shetty faced recently on the Big Brother Show. She shouted "Go back to your country!" But, what about the racism that others, and even insiders, face IN INDIA by the Indians? Tarquin blogs on such experiences... It is easy to not notice such obvious things which we have all seen, and perhaps guilty of ourselves in India! What do you say? A few days ago, I had to renew my Indian visa and found myself standing in line in the appropriate Delhi … [Read more...]