What is the pain of losing a child?

It is said that of all the experiences in life, the loss of a child is the worst pain that can be inflicted on anyone.There is a very interesting story of a Realized man.  He got married to a wonder lady and was extremely happy with life.  He was enjoying his life with his wife tremendously, and they had a son.  Seeing such a lovely kid, he was totally besotted by him.  He would play with him day and night and love him beyond anything.  When the son was 5 he died in a sudden accident.  His wife … [Read more...]

The Kingdom of Happiness: Voice of Intuition

I want, if I can, to put before you certain ideas, which you should cultivate, and which would give you a definite and intelligent conception of true spiritual life. I think all of you realize that to create, as you must create if you would live, there must be struggle and discontent; and in guiding these to their fruition, you must cultivate your own point of view, your own tendencies, your own abilities; and for this I desire to arouse in each that Voice, that Tyrant, the only true guide that … [Read more...]

Manual for a Stranger World: How Tom Cruise Ruined Interaction Design

A very interesting presentation and view of the world. Check it out. … [Read more...]

The Future of Humanity: a dialog between J. Krishnamurti and David Bohm

Here is an amazing discussion between Jiddu Krishnamurti, arguably one of the Greatest philosophers of the 20th century and David Bohm, the Nobel Laureate in Physics.  The dialog is on "Future of Humanity".   Related articles from External SourcesFrom an interview with David Bohm What can we do in this world? (J. Krishnamurti) Observing from a Quiet Mind - Krishnamurti Living Wholeness: J. Krishnamurti David Bohm, Compassion and Understanding Changes of Mind (1/3): a … [Read more...]

The Age of Binging on Irony: Rise of being insincerity, hyperbole, and anti-culture

Irony has been defined as "a rhetorical device, literary technique, or situation in which there is an incongruity between the literal and the implied meaning." Basically meaning not being earnest or honest.  The words that come out do not have basis in real intention.Christy Wampole writes an article in New York Times - How to Live Without Irony - about the prevalence or as she says "binging on Irony", specially in the US.  I agree. Here is a start: Look around your living space. Do you s … [Read more...]

Brazil’s Interesting Experiment: Studying Philosophy important for “Exercise of Citizenship”

Brazil has a strange law, where the Brazilian teenagers have to study philosophy because it is necessary for the exercise of citizenship. It is by far one of the most important experiment in preparing an entire society for deliberate and intelligent democratic engagement.Generally countries these day and populations don't like the Government mandated curriculum impacts. But sometimes, certain things can help. Philosophy is intangible and something that doesn't give "monetary value" to a … [Read more...]

Handling sorrow of a terrible death

I met him recently. He had just moved from Minnesota to India. Moved? Yes. Because of your job? No, I have taken off for last 3 months. Don't feel like doing something yet. Wow! How is your family taking it? I lost my family. I couldn't speak another word. I retired into the night with many questions hitting me. Next morning I met him again. And in that discussion he disclosed that he and his wife had all but planned to move to either North Carolina or Dallas, from the cold Minnesota. … [Read more...]

Way To Go: Choose Your Death!

A few months ago, an accident during a trek in Himachal came to my notice. The victim was a 70 plus year old experienced mountaineer. The circumstances were something like this:The group comprised an experienced but aged lot of British/European mountaineers who were to trek somewhere in Himachal. They had come through a reputed trekking group in India and they also had a Swiss mountain guide with them, in addition to the Indian guides, one of whom is very well known to me. The incident … [Read more...]