Yoga and Hinduism: Join for a discussion in Houston


This Sunday, we will have a discussion on Yoga and Hinduism in Houston's Meenakshi Temple (in Pearland, TX).  The speaker is Sarvesh Tiwari, who writes a popular blog on issues relating to Hinduism.Sarvesh Tiwari is a researcher and blogger on Indian history, philosophy, culture and contemporary issues. His particular research interests include reevaluation of historic processes with a larger geographical and broader timescale with disparate social, cultural, ethnic and other considerations. … [Read more...]

India’s Great Himalayan Tsunami: When Deception takes over Devotion, then the Rape of Nature has its consequences

NASA satellite imagery of Northern India on June 17, showing rainclouds that led to the disaster (courtesy: Wikimedia)

On June 14th this year, severe rainfall and cloud burst created devastating flash floods.  As per official records, over a thousand have lost their lives.   Places like Gaurikund and the market town of Ram Bada, the base for trek upto Kedarnath have been completely annihilated.  Sonaprayag, and the CHar Dham areas of Gangotri, Yamnotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath have been heavily damaged, apart from Roopkund, Hemkund Sahib and Valley of Flowers.The ecological rape of the mountain ranges by gre … [Read more...]

Jiah Khan’s suicide: Cocooned, Sanitized lives which fret mental blues are a curse

Khan at Nokia Lumia 920 launch party (courtesy Wikimedia)

Jiah Khan, a buddying actress in Bollywood, was recently found dead in her apartment in Bollywood.  The 25-year old's body was found hanging in the apartment by her mother.  She had started her career in a very talked about movie, Nishabd, opposite Amitabh Bachchan.From such a heady start to a lady in personal ruin, would have been a very tough and terrible journey.  In the aftermath of her death, many details are coming out, which suggest that her main issue in life was love life and then re … [Read more...]

India Media Houses and Online Advertising – in Medieval Times still!

As a small website owner, one thing always intrigues me about Indian News paper sites. They seem to have a proliferation of Google Ads and affiliate ads. That doesn't seem to be right! Why would I want to see the ad of Capella University on an Anna Hazare related news item? While these ads are a nuisance, but what is most important here is that this points to utter lack of Advertising pipeline for online assets in case of major media houses. These media houses are the main owners of most … [Read more...]

The Journey begins…

Some journeys tae many years to embark. Often lifetimes. It is not that you have never gone that way, but perhaps not with your eyes wide open. With wonder of a child in your heart, as if he was going to an Island of Magic. Not knowing what to expect but carrying a heart full of joy and questions.Its not that one can find God or spiritual bliss in only some remote mountain. Often we go through our entire lives without ever being in the state of humility and wonder at the same time. And … [Read more...]


तू ही लिख और तू ही जवाब भी देइश्क में हमारे भरोसे ना रहना … [Read more...]


तेरी बज्म में घुसेंगे इजाज़त लेकरबेकरार लाख सही, इतने बेकरार भी नहीं … [Read more...]

Groupon Subscribers are now 115 million

With 115 million subscribers to its daily deals emails, Groupon’s customer base has already more than doubled in size this year, a new report suggests.Reuters, citing an unnamed source, reports that Groupon’s subscriber base has grown 38% since March 31 (when it had 83.1 million subscribers), and 127% since the end of 2010 (when it had 50.58 million subscribers).The 115 million figure, if accurate, would imply that Groupon continues to sign on new subscribers and expand its pool of potential … [Read more...]