Yearly Socio-Economic Predictions for India, Pakistan and US

Every year, at Drishtikone, we analyze the coming year for three nations - Indian, US, and Pakistan.  In my view, for our purposes, these three nations are very important.  One, because it is the Indian perspective that this blog shows while discussing and talking of Hinduism.  US, because it is the most important country in the world.  And Pakistan because it is the nation that had had and will have far reaching consequences for the region and the world.This year, I wanted to use this video … [Read more...]

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Arvind Kejriwal's new party "Aam Aadmi" launched

Arvind Kejriwal's new part is now official.  Its name is "Aam Aadmi Party".  It seeks to be an alternative to the corrupt establishments of today and its goals include:empowerment of the common man, decentralization of power, law-making through referendum, devolution of decision-making powers to gram sabha and an accessible judicial system.It was launched at a press conference in New Delhi.  To have internal integrity, the AAP has decided to create an internal Lokpal, and have a pr … [Read more...]

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