Netanyahu’s Horrible Mistake on Iran and History of Proliferation via China and Pakistan


In mid-1980s, Abdul Qadeer (AQ) Khan - Pakistan's infamous Nuclear scientist - provided the design for the P-1 (P stands for Pak) nuclear plant to Iran.  A plant that contained 5,832 P1 centrifuges in 38 individual cascades, four sets of cascades would be producing enriched uranium in stages up to weapon-grade.  Iran called these IR-1.  The plant was built in Iran with parts smuggled through the networks.   For example, in 2002, B.S.A. Tahir - AQ Khan's protege - was using SMB Computers as a cove … [Read more...]

Afghan Student at UC-Irvine meets his look-alike who is Half-German/Half African-American (Pic)

For an entire year, an Afghan student at University of California at Irvine in Engineering, was hassled because people were mistaking him for another guy.  He finally met the guy and posted their picture online on Reddit.  The post has already gotten close to 1500 comments and over 2500 likes in just 9 hours.This student is Afghan, while his look-alike is "Half German / Half African-American".  Yet, they look so much alike.  First of all, it is tough to find someone who looks so much like you h … [Read more...]

Badam Zari, courageous woman from Northwest Tribal area in Pakistan running for elections

Most of the news coming out of Tribal Pakistan is usually pretty sad and negative.  Sometimes, one needs to also acknowledge news which shows these guys as "somewhat" normal people.  Badam Zari is a lady from Bajur, part of Pakistan's semiautonomous tribal region bordering Afghanistan.  The area is populated by the Pashtun tribesmen.  Conservative and medieval in their mindset.It is not far from this area that Malala was "put in place" by the Taliban.  Now, Zari, a 40-year old housewife is beco … [Read more...]

India’s role in Afghanistan and Pakistan … [Read more...]

Imran Khan backs Taliban, says its Jihad is just and Islamic

At Drishtikone, we have asserted that Imran Khan is even more of a Jihadi than the other parties in Pakistan.  Those who think that he is God's gift to Pakistan and that his becoming the next head of state for Pakistan may solve any problems, are living in lala-land.  Pakistan is fast and furiously headed to Talibanization of the worst kind.  Notwithstanding the solidarity with Malala, there are enough who suggest that Malala is a proxy for the Western powers and a prop erected by them to push Pa … [Read more...]