Spiritual Saviors? But there is nothing to Save!

One day I happened to meet a rather self righteous-posing as a do-gooder missionary.  He had a script firmly implanted in his mind and went through the usual narrative of how I was a sinner - rather we all are - and then how Jesus could be my savior.  His small talk and then this rather despondent news of me being a sinner, without him knowing anything about me, left me really irritated.  So I took him head on."So, who did you say is my savior, Sir?""Jesus"."Oh, the dude who was dra … [Read more...]

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When Taj Mahal was to be demolished for auctioning its marble

In 1830,  the British Governor of India, Lord William Bentinck, in the 1830s, thought of demolishing the Taj Mahal and auction off the marble to the landed English gentry of that time.Even the demolition crew and machinery had entered the grounds and were ready to begin work but were only stopped because Bentinck was unable to make the scheme financially viable.  Earlier auctions of marbles hadn't succeeded, so it was felt that this would be useless.Although some discard this story, yet Ar … [Read more...]

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