Science of Winning and Losing: People are wired differently; an interesting discussion

People differ in how they approach competition.  Men and women are different as well in their approaches.When the stakes are high, when it’s all on the line, some people rise to the occasion.  They savor the challenge.  The thrill of competition.  They want, badly, to win.  While others feel dread.  Their hands go cold.  They begin to sweat.Bestselling authors Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman have looked at the research of what happens to us when we compete.  They’ve found that some people are … [Read more...]

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Hillary Clinton to charge $200,000 per speech now, joins Bill as “six-figure” speech politician

Hillary CLinton was earning $186,000 a year as Secretary of State. Now that she is no longer the Secretary of State, she will be giving speeches on the International circuit. But to have the pleasure of listening to her is going to be expensive! How much? She has put her per speech charge at $200,000! Hillary Clinton has signed up for speaking circuit and will charge a whopping USD 200,000 per appearance, an amount more than her annual salary as the US Secretary of State. The USD … [Read more...]

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