Geelani against Amarnath Yatra: Kashmiriyat my foot, its Islamization of the Valley!

Kashmir and the "movement" there, I have held, has nothing to do with Kashmiryat or any Human Rights.  It is Islamization of a part of India.  Period.With Islamization comes throwing out of any other faith, belief system and religious minorities.  As long as Muslims are in minority, they cannot tire reiterating about the minority rights.  But as soon as they come in majority, even the pretense of concern for minorities goes right out of the window.  Thousands of temples in Bangladesh and Paki … [Read more...]

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Pictures from the Amarnath Yatra

These are pictures from the Amarnath Yatra this year.  They are from various sources and just amazing.  Most of these have been compiled from this site. It is said that it was here that Shiva explained the Secret of Life and Creation to Parvati. Every year, hundred and thousands of devotees walk all the way to the shrine in the Annual Pilgrimage.[scrollGallery id=6] … [Read more...]

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