ThinkIndia Speech of Modi and his vision: We finally have a Visionary and a Doer in our midst!

This conference appearance and interaction of and with Narendra Modi is special.  In this, the attempt of the organizers was to discuss substantive stuff and not keep harping on the same "Gujarat 2002".  Honestly, that has become the lamest kind of discussion around Modi.Had Modi been in business, by now, he would have been in the league of Jack Welch and the Tatas of India as far as the ways of doing business is concerned and his popularity.  People talk about Nitish Kumar etc.  Honestly, apa … [Read more...]

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AP Congress Chief: “Just because India achieved freedom at midnight does not mean that women can venture out after dark”

Just when you think you have heard it all in terms of complete insensitivity of the powers-that-be; someone from the establishment comes out with something that leaves you flabbergasted with the response.  Here AP Congress Chief comes up with the most asinine comment on the Delhi gangrape incident. While his party bosses in the national capital have been nearly pulverized by raging protests against the gang-rape of a Delhi girl, Andhra Pradesh Congress chief Botsa Satyanarayana on Monday opened … [Read more...]

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Why Markandey Katju’s assessment of Modi doesn’t make sense

After Modi's victory, there is a lot of discussion and debate on both sides of the aisle - those who support Modi and those who don't.  Here is one such remark by Markandey Katju I have been asked my opinion about Mr.Modi.Till now I avoided commenting on him since I thought that my views may be misconstrued as if i wish to influence the Gujarat elections. Now that the elections are over I may speak out.The test of every system is whether the standard of living of the masses is rising or not. … [Read more...]

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Indian couple arrested in Norway for disciplining their kid!

Another Indian couple has been arrested and put through hardship in Norway for disciplining their kid. There is something about Europe - specially Scandinavian countries - that doesn't sound right!  So, the kid urinated in the school bus, which was brought to the attention of the parents and they scolded him and also said that they would take him back to India.He told the school authorities and soon they came to know that they were in the wrong.  And arrested!  In the words of the husband's ne … [Read more...]

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