Yearly Socio-Economic Predictions for India, Pakistan and US


Every year, at Drishtikone, we analyze the coming year for three nations - Indian, US, and Pakistan.  In my view, for our purposes, these three nations are very important.  One, because it is the Indian perspective that this blog shows while discussing and talking of Hinduism.  US, because it is the most important country in the world.  And Pakistan because it is the nation that had had and will have far reaching consequences for the region and the world.This year, I wanted to use this video … [Read more...]

Arbitrary and dictatorial executive action: Congress giving Swami Ramdev the “treatment” for his audacity to protest corruption

In June, 2011 as social activist Anna Hazare had announced that he - along with his supporters - will go on a fast against the endemic and plundering corruption in India, specifically by the ruling Government, he was greeted with a dictatorial threat.  Ruling Party, Congress' General Secretary "advised" him - "Anna saheb says he will again sit on fast. If he does so, he may get the same treatment as the other (Baba Ramdev) got recently." (Same fate as Ramdev awaits you: Digvijay Singh to Anna Ha … [Read more...]

Why is a society of Sunny Leones, Power-Money, Ramdev/Hazare-bashing so clueless about the Rape Epidemic?

When Gautam Buddha was setting up his Sangha, he admitted only male monks.  He is supposed to have said that if he admits women as well, his spiritual path that he was offering, will remain spiritually active for about 700-800 years.  With male only students, it will remain active for over 2500 years.Even Buddha didn't trust his own monks beyond a certain limit.And that was in isolation, with hard spiritual sadhanas and austerities.India of today has porn stars like Sunny Leone, Poonam P … [Read more...]

Anna Hazare will campaign for Arvind Kejriwal’s party; larger, consensual bloc needed

Thankfully after a lot of drama between the two, Anna Hazare has agreed to do campaigning on behalf of Arvind Kejriwal's party candidates.  He said he will not campaign for other parties.  Only, AAP (Aam Aadmi Party). "I will campaign only for Kejriwal's candidates,"Hazare told reporters here. "There may be good people in other parties but who has the control?" He however said that he will vet the candidates and not just go along with the party nominations. "I know Kejriwal. He has not done any … [Read more...]

Houston Indian Community joins in Solidarity with Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare in fight against corruption

On June 3rd, the second round of the new war of independence - this time from Internal Corruption - started as Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare, two self-less contributors to Indian society came together.  In the last couple of decades as India's economy was shinning, the corrupt and the unscrupulous politicians have come together to loot, nay plunder, the country.  Some say probably more wealth has been looted from India by its own politicians than during the British rule.During the Indian freedom … [Read more...]

Parties unite in anger against Kejriwal when shown the mirror

The MPs of all political parties are up in arms against Arvind Kejriwal for having spoken the truth - that a parliament of 545 elected members has 163 charged with heinous crimes.When the mirror is shown, every party - BJP, Congress, RJD - are angry.  They aren't interested in changing themselves but want to take Kejriwal to task. “In this parliament, 163 members have cases of heinous offences against them. In this parliament, rapists, murderers and looters are sitting. How can you expect Jan L … [Read more...]

Supreme Court to Govt: You have ONLY 4 months to decide on prosecution for Corruption Charges

A democracy has special checks and balances. One of the checks is the way one of the three branches of the Government - Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary - can make sure that the country is not been taken apart by the other two working in connivance.In India's case, Executive and Legislative branches are in cohoots with each other when it comes to corruption. When one looks the the political will and reaction across the spectrum in the Parliament - although BJP has made a fair amount of … [Read more...]

Anna Hazare’s Dandi March moment of August 16

It is difficult not to laugh, and we imagine that will be the mood of most thinking Indians. There is something almost childishly theatrical in challenging in this way the salt monopoly of the Government. Said Calcutta's British-owned newspaper, "The Statesman".The year was 1930 and Gandhi had just sent a letter to lord Irwin, the Viceroy on his 11 point demands, which, if agreed and implemented, would make him stop his non-violent agitation against the British rule.Earlier that year, … [Read more...]