Yearly Socio-Economic Predictions for India, Pakistan and US


Every year, at Drishtikone, we analyze the coming year for three nations - Indian, US, and Pakistan.  In my view, for our purposes, these three nations are very important.  One, because it is the Indian perspective that this blog shows while discussing and talking of Hinduism.  US, because it is the most important country in the world.  And Pakistan because it is the nation that had had and will have far reaching consequences for the region and the world.This year, I wanted to use this video … [Read more...]

SoniaG devastated as Dr. Singh finally speaks his mind out with a clear, unambiguous – “Theek hai?!!”

At the end of a very serious and precisely written and equally abidingly delivered speech, one which had not a word here or there, Dr. Manmohan Singh was relieved that his script was over.  The sock puppet looked up asked the photographer if all went fine - "Theek hai"?  Photographer was so taken in by the brilliance of the speech, where he was glued to the screen trying to understand how a man with a working brain pull of such a speech, that he forgot to switch off the camera!In another day a … [Read more...]

Delhi Police Commissioner brushes off injured protesters as “Collateral Damage”!

After the Police attacks and imposition of Section 144 on Central Delhi areas, now the Police Chief of Delhi comes and puts salt in the wounds of Delhi-ites who protested."There is always collateral damage in a crackdown," Delhi Police commissionerNeeraj Kumar told a TV channel on Monday, referring to the scores of innocent people and mediapersons who got injured in Sunday's police lathicharge on protesters.The police chief refused to apologize for the Sunday's action by his force but … [Read more...]

Delhi Protesters had to be engaged, heard, and spoken to… instead they were Lathi charged!

I agree with Kiran Bedi here.  All those 5 people were missing.This bloody Government is only good at blaming others... from BJP, to Team Anna to Arvind Kejriwal's party to Baba Ramdev.  They themselves are a bunch of goons!  Look in this video at how the policemen are hitting at the young girls!  It is extremely shameful!!  What they are doing is NO different than what the gang rapists had done to the girl..  Related articles from External SourcesA Government in Hiding BJP MP of … [Read more...]

Violence and Political Intrigue at India Gate as Gangrape Protest turns wild

India Gate was ground zero today, as the protesters were treated badly. Lathi charged and attacked. There could be many reasons. But one of the reason maybe that IAC, Arvind Kejriwal's party and even BJP came over to support the efforts.  And in that the Government saw trouble. Hooligans and some political elements on Sunday hijacked the peaceful protests in the Capital over the gang-rape of a young girl resulting in violence and attacks against public property and police which retaliated with … [Read more...]

“Koi Diwana Kehta hai, koi pagal samajhta hai” by Dr. Kumar Vishwas

Dr. Kumar Vishwas has revolutionized and popularized Hindi poetry and Kavi Sammelans like no other person has ever done.  He is single handedly responsible for bringing in audience in thousands to a Kavi Sammelan.  Numbers that were unheard of and even unimagined.Here is Dr. Vishwas reciting his most famous poem "Koi Diwana Kehta hai, Koi Pagal Samajhta hai" in a style and way that only he can.  Enjoy!   … [Read more...]

Kejriwal’s faux pas: Modi-Congress “hand-in-glove” charge based on Sanjiv Bhatt’s “evidence”?

As is obvious for my posts on the blog, I have a high regard for Arvind Kejriwal as well as Narendra Modi.  I believe both are important for the country.  But Kejriwal now comes up with something that has left me flummoxed. Arvind Kejriwal today unleashed his ammunition against Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and accused Modi and Congress to be partners in business, with common friends in the industry. While, he admitted that he got much of his evidence from Modi’s bête noire and now Cong … [Read more...]

Anna Hazare will campaign for Arvind Kejriwal’s party; larger, consensual bloc needed

Thankfully after a lot of drama between the two, Anna Hazare has agreed to do campaigning on behalf of Arvind Kejriwal's party candidates.  He said he will not campaign for other parties.  Only, AAP (Aam Aadmi Party). "I will campaign only for Kejriwal's candidates,"Hazare told reporters here. "There may be good people in other parties but who has the control?" He however said that he will vet the candidates and not just go along with the party nominations. "I know Kejriwal. He has not done any … [Read more...]