Netanyahu’s Horrible Mistake on Iran and History of Proliferation via China and Pakistan

In mid-1980s, Abdul Qadeer (AQ) Khan - Pakistan's infamous Nuclear scientist - provided the design for the P-1 (P stands for Pak) nuclear plant to Iran.  A plant that contained 5,832 P1 centrifuges in 38 individual cascades, four sets of cascades would be producing enriched uranium in stages up to weapon-grade.  Iran called these IR-1.  The plant was built in Iran with parts smuggled through the networks.   For example, in 2002, B.S.A. Tahir - AQ Khan's protege - was using SMB Computers as a cove … [Read more...]

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Badam Zari, courageous woman from Northwest Tribal area in Pakistan running for elections

Most of the news coming out of Tribal Pakistan is usually pretty sad and negative.  Sometimes, one needs to also acknowledge news which shows these guys as "somewhat" normal people.  Badam Zari is a lady from Bajur, part of Pakistan's semiautonomous tribal region bordering Afghanistan.  The area is populated by the Pashtun tribesmen.  Conservative and medieval in their mindset.It is not far from this area that Malala was "put in place" by the Taliban.  Now, Zari, a 40-year old housewife is beco … [Read more...]

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Hitler, Frankenstein, Billykid, Carter, and Kennedy running for State Elections in Meghalaya in India!

As if the elections in India aren't already enough of a joke, the candidates in Meghalayas State polls have taken on interesting names this year.  Here are some of them:Frankenstein Momin, Adolf Lu Hitler-Marak Billykid Sangma, Field Marshal Mawphniang, Romeo Rani Kenedy Marak, Kennedy Cornelius Khyriem Jhim Carter SangmaSo we have every type of joker in the fray - from Adolf Hitler to Frankenstein to even Carter (Jhim Carter albeit!).When asked about his unusual name he … [Read more...]

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Assoc Press playing Activist: bans use of words “husband,” “wife” for legally-wed gay couples

Interesting.  Didn't know that an apex news organization would have a deliberate slant on a controversial issue.  AP wants to play the role of an activist in this whole drama that has gripped only US really.  I don't know of any other country, where this issue gives a headache to so many at the political level.  Wonder how you can trust the impartiality of the news coming from their channels anymore? There appears to be open dissension at the Associated Press (AP) over the media entity’s new poli … [Read more...]

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Ancient Manuscripts May Be Among Casualties of Malian Islamist Conflict

Timbuktu has been taken back over by the French, but the Islamists destroyed a lot of things in that city, most importantly the manuscripts. The city of Timbuktu has suffered extensive damage at the hands of Islamic rebels, including destruction of ancient manuscripts and other artifacts. We get background from special correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro, who traveled there 10 years ago, and Jeffrey Brown talks to Mary Jane Deeb of the Library of Congress. All may not have been destroyed, but what … [Read more...]

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