Google Glass, Apple’s iWatch and a future of Augmented Reality

Are we headed to a completely virtual age?  An age of augmented reality?  Well, the way the tech giants are coming out with their new gear, it surely seems so!  Google’s coming out with its glasses – “Google Glass.”  Apple’s revving its “iWatch.”  Skiers are already getting text messages on their goggles.  Daters are getting a compatibility heads-up from a band on their arm.Put it all together and we’re headed into what’s being called “augmented reality.”The guests on the show:Omar Gallaga … [Read more...]

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Are Online Dating Sites and Options undermining Monogamy in the world?

Are the social dating sites putting the monogamy in the world today in danger? A very interesting discussion. Online dating has become a huge avenue for seeking relationships. On any given day or night, it’s going on on a giant scale. Maybe too giant, says a new buzz.Maybe the click and pick ease of digital date-making is undermining ideas of commitment, of standing by your man, your woman, of monogamy – let alone marriage. Making it too easy just to move on. Or not! The people in the dis … [Read more...]

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