Pujo Madness

I spent the last weekend getting stuck in a nasty traffic snarl, staring soulfully at cars, buses and fellow sufferers, only to land at a place teeming with almost 3/4th of Delhi's bright, shiny population decked up in their festive gear. Packed with cars, the air resonating with a curious cacophony of excited chatter, impatient horns and beats of the dhaak… Overdressed, over enthused crowds, moving at a hectic pace, eager and hungry to soak in all that the evening had to offer... Just another t … [Read more...]

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ABP Ananda Utsav 2010, Pasadena, USA: A perspective

There is something about Bengali cultural programs in the US. They are my dad’s way of remembering good times of yester years, not mine. There is something else too. The organizers of such events, though young at age, are still under the notion that it takes 3 months to reach India by ship from the US so one would do this maybe once in a lifetime. You would want to know why!You see, the elements of such events are mostly a borrowed concept from the age when people would be able to hear a m … [Read more...]

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You bring out the Bengali in me!

This is for all the the Bengalis - actually I came across a poem by Sandra Cisnero - " You bring out the Mexican in me" which prompted me to write this lines over a small shot of Mojito :) Some of the parts are in bengali. I have seen other variations also like You bring out the UP walli and another one The Maritan in me - and all of them are cool! Enjoy...You bring out the bengali in me You bring out the poet in me The musical mother tongue The playing with words in me The scholar in me, The … [Read more...]

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