Bhagwad Gita is not a Message. Not a book. It is a Process.

Unlike popular belief and suggestions by the great "thinkers" and intellectuals, Bhagwad Gita is not a message.  It is certainly not a book.  It is a process.  A process of raising consciousness.If it was a book, it would have been very easy.  Krishna would have thrust the book into Arjun's hands at night and asked him to read and come prepared to fight the Mahabharat in the morning.  Why fret?  Why spend time in "Viraat Roop" etc?If it was a message, then Sanjay heard it first hand.  Dhri … [Read more...]

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My Mother is “no more”

Death is a strange phenomenon.  Specifically for a Spiritual seeker.  During the Mahabharat War, Bhishma had been put on a bed of arrows by Arjun - having shot him many times.  But Bhishma didn't leave his body.  He hung around alive till after the war was over and willingly left his body on the Ekadashi (the 11th day on the Lunar calendar).  Death on Ekadashi is said to be most beneficial as the energies are aligned in a way that dissolution is a real possibility.This is the story of my Moth … [Read more...]

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