The Indian Job Program Scam: Plunder under MNREGA

Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act is the flagship rural employment program of Dr. Manmohan Singh's Congress Government.  It is also the greatest mechanism created in India to suck greatest amounts of money since British created their discriminatory laws.  It involves a $33 billion investment every year!  And most of it is siphoned off.  The program is CREATED for that.  Now Bloomberg has done some research of its own and come out with some shocking reporting. “It’s an insult … [Read more...]

Nitish Kumar plays the “Victim Card” to get special status for Bihar; wants “Adhikar” to get free doles!

In the past 10 years, no other state has been talked against - yes, the state, not just the leader - as much as Gujarat.  In many cases, the Central Government has gone out of the way to deny Gujarat its due.  Yet, it has moved on and been one of the most developed state.  Over those years, I haven't really heard Narendra Modi ever asking the Center, to give it anything.  In fact, he has gone on the offensive and talked about how he would like to make Gujarat as great as Singapore.  And, in that … [Read more...]

What Pakistan can learn from the Indian Experience of fighting polio

Polio as a disease rendered many young lives in India very difficult to live forever, until 2011, when this disease was eradicated from India. The last reported polio case – a young girl in West Bengal – was recorded on Jan. 13, 2011. In February 2012, the World Health Organization removed India from the list of polio-endemic countries, a historic achievement given that until very recently, India was considered the epicenter of the disease and had been predicted to be the last country to stop pol … [Read more...]

Mauritian President: “I am a Bihari”

Indian diaspora is spread all over the world.  And it constantly returns to trace its roots and heritage.  One such visit was by the Mauritian President Rajkeswur Purryag.  He broke down as he met villagers from Bihar, who are apparently related to him.  Mauritius PresidentRajkeswur Purryag turned emotional and broke down a number of times while remembering his forefathers who sailed to an alien island some 150 years ago to work in the cane fields there. He arrived here on Sunday along with his w … [Read more...]

British Army sending 4000 troops to India for Meditation to counter PTSD

British Government is planning on sending its troops returning from Afghanistan to India for meditation to they can de-stress to ward off the PTSD. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is no longer a fancy psychological term only found in bulky books and journals on the subject. It's a reality countries involved in wars are grappling with on a day-to-day basis, and which has forced them to look for solutions to help troops dodge and beat the conditionKeeping this in mind, the British army … [Read more...]

Woman battered to death in Muslim dominated Bihar village in Taliban style execution!

 We had discussed yesterday how a Muslim dominated village in Bihar has banned use of cell phones for unmarried women.  Now comes the story of Taliban like execution in a Bihar village, again dominated by Muslims. Bibi Shehzadi, 32, a Muslim housewife of Asiyani village who had been hailed for starting a self-helpgroup for impoverished women, was allegedly given a "death sentence" by the local panchayat on Thursday. Investigation in the case is on, but no one had been arrested till the f … [Read more...]

Bihar Village bans unmarried girls from using Mobiles

The Muslim dominated Sundarbari panchayat under Kochadhaman block in Kishanganj district of Bihar has put a strange set of restrictions on women.  Apparently, the villagers aren't secure with their women using the mobiles.If an unmarried girl uses mobile, she will have to pay a fine of Rs 10,000.  A married lady, on the other hand, has been spared the fine ONLY if she uses the cell phone within the home.  If she is caught using a mobile outside her house, she will be fined Rs 2000 as we … [Read more...]