Who has been spying on BJP?

Interesting... someone is spying on BJP leaders and the corporate leaders and this same guy was already in the dock for spying on Amar Singh!  So, who promised to "save" this guy from the law when arrested for the Amar Singh case?  The suspicion is obviously towards the Congress leaders.  The question is will we ever know?  Even more importantly, will the BJP force it upon the agencies to reveal the name (s) of the culprits?  Related articles from External SourcesJaitley Phone tapping … [Read more...]

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Modi goes to “seek blessings” of Keshubhai after election win despite latter’s vicious campaign against Modi

After Narendra Modi won the elections in a thumping style again for the third time, he did something that one hasn't really seen happen in Indian politics as long as I can remember.Keshubhai Patel was part of BJP at some point and has since leaving started Gujarat Parivartan Party (GPP).  In this elections Keshubhai vowed to defeat Modi and equated him to Adolf HItler and called him a Devil.  His campaign against Modi was fairly vicious.People were saying that Keshubhai Patel will be the gr … [Read more...]

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Characterizing BJP as State Enemy and "Being Hindu" synonymous to "Being Communal" will be disastrous

The Jangipur Lok Sabha seat became vacant as Pranab Mukherjee became the President.  So his son, Abhijit Mukherjee contested it and barely scrapped through.  BJP's Sudhangshu Biswas polled 85,887 votes, which is 10% of the votes.  It seems that last time, BJP got 2%.  This time, Pranab's son won by mere 2,536 votes.So what does the Congress have to say about this?  Says State Congress leader and former state minister Manas Bhunia: "It is a dangerous political situation. It is a threat to poli … [Read more...]

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