Handling your loneliness and ignoring the “Tiger”

We are all alone.  And we cannot handle that.  When I see the world around me, I find the toughest issue with people is not material well being, but handling themselves.  Those who haven't been successful and are pursuing success somehow have a divergence.  They know that they have to get somewhere, and moreover in the beginning of the careers, you have lots of people around you.  You have energy and want to get somewhere.  A higher ideal awaits.Forgetting yourself is easy.  But its not a good … [Read more...]

Improved Hiring Forecast in India as 94% businesses plan on hiring in 2013

India Inc is hiring in 2013.  The confidence index seems to be stable as of now.  Although it has slipped 4 points since October, but the Regus global business confidence index for India is currently at 137 points for April.  In a survey by workplace solutions provider Regus which spanned more than 26,000 businesses in nearly 100 nations - including India - gave an insight into the hiring patterns of the global companies.For India, 94 per cent of the businesses are planning to hire. "...94 per … [Read more...]

Warren Buffett bets big on selling Insurance online in India

As Indian masses come online, Warren Buffett, the master of traditional businesses, is betting big on Indian consumers.  Ironically.He wants to sell insurance online.  Currently, Berkshire India sells motor, travel and health insurance products online at BerkshireInsurance.com.  Now it wants to market life insurance as a corporate agent of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance.  It started with just 8 employees and in 2011 and is already upto 100 employees in India.Headquartered in Gurgaon, the com … [Read more...]

Create More Value than you Capture: Tim O’Reilly’s lessons for Start-ups

Tim O'Reilly is someone who identifies trends early and has been at the forefront of the internet revolution.   He is the founder of O'Reilly Media (formerly O'Reilly & Associates) and a supporter of the free software and open source movements.   Here he discusses some great lessons for startups. Sharing inspirations from both innovative companies and works of art, entrepreneur and technology sage Tim O'Reilly weaves together a series of thoughtful lessons for startups. From rethinking workfl … [Read more...]

The Water Rich vs the Water Poor: Inequalities of Water usage and Availability (Infographic)

Did you know that a 5 minute shower of a person in a developed world uses MORE water than a person in a slum of a poor country uses in an entire day?The inequalities of water usage and supply are many and mind-boggling.  This is an excellent infographic to remind us of some of them.  … [Read more...]

Are we hard wired to Avoid Exercise?

Are we wired for being against the exercise?  It seems that there are individual differences because of the threshold we have in our body for exercise.  And that can make it easy for some and difficult for others.  So what is the way out?  Start with baby steps... and slowly building up.An interesting discussion from WSJ podcast.Image Credit: Mikebaird … [Read more...]

The Silent Cry of an Abused Child

Child abuse is a very painful experience for those who have gone through it.  The pain and the ingrained hurt in the victims really hit home for me when I watched Amir Khan's episode on Satyamev Jayate.  This short but highly creative ad film brings out that message - of the silent pain that a child goes through - so powerfully that you cannot escape its impact.One, I congratulate the creative team of this adfilm for such a tremendous work, and second, its time we raise awareness of this m … [Read more...]

How to Brainwash a Nation: 4-step process shared by ex-KGB agent to India

Ideological Subversion is a method of cultural warfare - is a slow method - to change the perception of reality, where despite the availability of abundance of information, citizens of a country cannot make out the reality.Yuri Bezmenov was trained in Russia by the KGB and served as a "journalist" in India during the 60s.  In this video he discusses how this process of Ideological Subversion occurs.The whole process follows 4-steps:Demoralize a nation (15-20 years): Expose your ideology … [Read more...]