Saudi Arabia to Abolish Beheading; will hire “Firing Squads” to shoot people to death instead

Saudi Arabia is modernizing.  Actually, it has been forced to, because there is a huge shortage of the required skill set.  Beheading.  You see, they don't have enough swordsmen in their kingdom.  Or those that are there arrive late to the venues, which gives more life to the person to be beheaded than would be warranted.So, keeping with the times, they are abolishing the Beheadings totally.Now, they would instead have Firing Squads and shoot the people to death instead.  A joint Saudi comm … [Read more...]

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Relationship Games and Hidden Dark Characters: Why Jodie Arias’ trial disturbs me

There was a time some years back - in my own lifetime - that people were quite simple.  Many people in some places, still are.No, I am not talking about being "Good".  Simplicity is living life with very limited mental distortion.A murder case trial going on in the US has worried me in many ways.  It is the trial of Jodie Arias.  The story of this lady is that a friend introduced a man to this lady.  They both had an instant physical attraction and very soon were seen regularly together.  Suc … [Read more...]

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Sheila Dikshit shocked How Delhi unsafe for women…really?! …. after 15 years of ruling Delhi??!!

Sheila Dikshit is aghast at the situation in Delhi in terms of safety of women.  What I found interesting and also sad was that it took an incident in the high-end Lajpat Nagar to wake her up. "Women don't feel safe in Delhi. Fears have risen. I'm shocked to learn about the Lajpat Nagar attempted rape case. It's a big setback for us," she said referring to the rape bid on a 19-year-old woman Tuesday. Such incidents - actually worse than this - happen throughout the city and specially in the lowe … [Read more...]

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Woman battered to death in Muslim dominated Bihar village in Taliban style execution!

 We had discussed yesterday how a Muslim dominated village in Bihar has banned use of cell phones for unmarried women.  Now comes the story of Taliban like execution in a Bihar village, again dominated by Muslims. Bibi Shehzadi, 32, a Muslim housewife of Asiyani village who had been hailed for starting a self-helpgroup for impoverished women, was allegedly given a "death sentence" by the local panchayat on Thursday. Investigation in the case is on, but no one had been arrested till the f … [Read more...]

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