Curse of Caste System: Caste is not the problem, Lack of Social Mobility is

The Leader of the country today is known as the "Head of State".  One who leads an organization or a function is said to be "Heading" that area.  A Peon on the other hand, is one who was and is still in many countries the lowest in an organization.  The word Peon comes from the Medieval Latin word Pedonem which means "Foot Soldier".  This is the world of today - in Modern India and around the world, each and every organization has these two positions (or their equivalent) in some form or the oth … [Read more...]

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Sperm Donors now asking for Brahmin and Sunni/Shia Sperms

We had talked about designer babies and how some parents had come out with an ad for IIT-ians' sperm.In this market, of sperm donors things keep getting stranger and stranger. Now we see parents asking for Brahmin sperms and Sunni or Shia sperms. Amongst the Hindus, caste of the sperm donor has become important, and in the Muslims whether one is Shia or Sunni is important. According to Dilip Patil, founding president of Trivector, an infertility solutions firm, there is a sure preference for … [Read more...]

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From Spiritual Rigor to Religious Rigidity

Anything less than complete Spiritual awakening is a dangerous thing. Ignorance is indeed bliss. Once a person has any pretensions about relationship with God as religious or even spiritual seeker, ego is a natural compatriot. The more one knows, the more ego one acquires. Rigidity is a natural consequence. Ego dogs one until the point of awakening, unless one is razor sharp in his/her intellect, or has a Guru who keeps making sure that ego is pricked every time it gets bloated, or one is … [Read more...]

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