China beats US to become World’s Largest Smart Device Market

China has over-taken US as the largest Smart Device market in the world!  What that means is that the future entrants in the market will have to have a "China Model of Smart Device". Just days into the Chinese New Year (Year of the “Snake” for anyone keeping track), China has passed the U.S. to become the world’s top country for active Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. This historic milestone takes place a year after Flurry first reported that China had become the world’s fastest growing s … [Read more...]

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Chinese firm offering “Rent-a-Boyfriend” service to Single women during Chinese New Years

Chinese New Year is coming around soon.  And, it will be time for everyone to visit their family.  Specially for the many single women.  In a country where they have 180 mn singles, that will be a lot of men and women.The country may have developed, but the mindsets still remain very traditional.  The families and the parents inquire if their daughters have found someone to marry?  When they will marry etc.  To counteract those questions, a firm has come up with an interesting solution.  Rent … [Read more...]

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Let everyday be the start of a New Year

Life is just a continuous flow.  Does creating artificial breaks make any difference?Birthdays, New Years day or some regional new year.  The Galaxy doesnt know.  The Universe doesnt care.  Animals cant distinguish between 2012 and 2013.  Unless our very way to life is altered.  Unless our very core takes on new vitality.  Unless we can channelize ourselves in a new direction, such "time breaks" mean nothing.We could make the change on any day.  If we have to be a better person,  we can do th … [Read more...]

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