How Determination can win against all odds

Here is an amazing story of success that all of us can learn from.  It comes from one of the most amazing athlete that ran in the Olympics.1960 Summer Olympics Abebe Bikila was added to the Ethiopian Olympic team only at the last moment, as the plane to Rome was about to leave, as a replacement for Wami Biratu, who had broken his ankle in a soccer match. Major Onni Niskanen entered Bikila and Abebe Wakgira in the marathon.Adidas, the shoe sponsor at the 1960 Summer Olympics, had few shoes … [Read more...]

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Human Camera: Draws Rome Panorama out of memory from 45 min Helicopter ride

People with Autism have exceptional capability in certain areas, while losing out on others.  This man - Stephen Wiltshire - is one such person. He is called the "Human Camera".Here he takes a 45 mins helicopter ride over Rome and then draws a panoramic view of the Rome city center with Pantheon, St. Peters, and Colosseum in complete detail.  He gets the roads, the columns and even the windows of the buildings correct.  The video is an eye opener and very hu … [Read more...]

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