Is Modi getting a Landslide in Gujarat?

It seems Narendra Modi is all set to win the Gujarat poll by a landslide.  Apparently, the higher voter turnout was to push Modi's margin up as opposed to pull him down.  ABP-Nielsen Exit Poll is suggesting.  Although News 24 suggests that Modi can get closer to 140 seats while Congress will be closer to 40 and others - including Keshubhai Patel - will get measly 2! ABP News-Nielsen Exit Poll has found that BJP will bag a landslide majority of 126 seats in the 182-member Assembly, a gain of nine … [Read more...]

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Has Congress ditched Nehru-Gandhi family in Gujarat Election ads?

Indeed, that is an interesting observation.  I have not seen the ads in Gujarat, but I would like the readers to share what they have seen and if this is true? Modi said, in last 60 years history, the Congress party has always campaigned with the photographs of the Nehru/Gandhi dynasty.“But in Gujarat election campaign, Congress has not used the photographs of Nehru, Indira, Rajiv, Sonia, Rahul in any of the advertisements. Why they had to withdraw their leaders from their advertisements? Do th … [Read more...]

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Congress Ad Campaign to mock Modi’s Economic Progress falls flat on its face!

This is an ad from Congress in the run up to the Gujarat Polls.  The ad is a play on the "Vibrant Gujarat" slogan of Narendra Modi led Government, and uses it to make a mockery of the economic situation in Gujarat by saying that all the MOUs and the economic progress hasn't added to the employment as these young people are still unemployed.Well, it seems Gujarat Congress Party should have at least read the Employment and Unemployment Survey (pdf) report dished out by the Ministry of Labour and … [Read more...]

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Kejriwal’s faux pas: Modi-Congress “hand-in-glove” charge based on Sanjiv Bhatt’s “evidence”?

As is obvious for my posts on the blog, I have a high regard for Arvind Kejriwal as well as Narendra Modi.  I believe both are important for the country.  But Kejriwal now comes up with something that has left me flummoxed. Arvind Kejriwal today unleashed his ammunition against Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and accused Modi and Congress to be partners in business, with common friends in the industry. While, he admitted that he got much of his evidence from Modi’s bête noire and now Cong … [Read more...]

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Bhagat Singh coins released by Government in an Opportunistic ploy

A face saving ploy and a populist move by the very Government which was calling  Shaheed Bhagat Singh as a terrorist?One doubts it is a change of heart or some sudden interest in his martyrdom.  It is an opportunistic step at best. The Bhagat Singh aficionados' are elated over union government decision of introducing Rs. 5 coins having legendary martyr picture. The reserve bank of India(RBI) has announced to soon introduce coins devoted to martyr' birth anniversary with Bhagat Singh picture on … [Read more...]

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Usurping Tax Payers Money for the Gandhi-Nehru Family

A reply in Rajya Sabha by Information and Broadcasting Minister of State, CM Jatua is very enlightening.In India, the money of the tax payer goes into the money given to different ministries to do work for the citizens of the country in various ways. The portfolio of the ministry aligns to the priorities of the country and the money needs to be spent there for the betterment of the country in that area. But is that how it happens?In 2011 alone - the money spent on just the print ads (the … [Read more...]

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