Delhi Gangrape Solutions: Sakha Cabs for Women in Delhi; Cabs for women driven by women

After the gang rape in Delhi, the discussion about women safety has come to the forefront.  For women in New Delhi, just the basic transportation back and forth from work is a question of life and death now.  How does one tackle that.  Some, who can afford cars - and even drivers - use that.  Others have to use Public transport.Now a novel cab service has been started.  It is For the Women, By the Women.  It has been started by Sakha Consulting Wings Pvt Ltd.  The website says the following abo … [Read more...]

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Delhi Gangrape: A Month later, despite Outrage and Anger, what have we Achieved?

It has been over a month now since the gang rape in Delhi happened and Jyoti Pandey died a horrendous death after shaking the entire country, and indeed the world, in just 13 days.The youth were out in the streets.  The Government clamped curfew.  Closed all routes to the city center.  A police man also died.  Many activists came out, protested, got beaten and arrested.The Police got a bad rap.  The Godmen and Mullahs wrapped themselves into their own binds.  Politicians weaved a web of their … [Read more...]

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Gandhi ALSO blamed Women for getting Raped; Do Misogyny and Obsession with Sexual Purity go Hand-in-Hand?

Mahatama Gandhi was, after all, the "Father of the Nation". What's wrong if the sons take after their father?A lot has been said about Rape and the Indian culture.  Even Hinduism has been invoked to show linkages to the rape epidemic currently in place in India.  But are we victims of the prejudices of moralistic politicians who neither knew Hinduism nor were straight with the people?  Gandhi - the Father of the Nation - is one such person whom we shall look at today.Gandhi once said of a Ra … [Read more...]

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Delhi Gangrape Case cocktail: Rape epidemic, Apathy, Admin breakdown, Brutality of Power

The friend of Delhi Braveheart discussed the incidents surrounding the whole rape situation (People were afraid to help us: Delhi gang-rape victim's friend).  Here is what he said. “The occupants of the bus, which had tinted windows and curtains, had laid a trap for us. They were probably involved in crimes before also. They beat us up, hit us with an iron rod, snatched our clothes and belongings and threw us off the bus on a deserted stretch.“The bus occupants had everything planned. Apart fro … [Read more...]

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Gobbledygook Analysts, Reverse Hatred and Targeting Culture will not solve India’s Rape problem!

Sanjay Srivastava is professor of Sociology at the Institute of Economic Growth in New Delhi.  In his article in The Hindu, he suggests that somehow Swami Vivekananda's photograph and his pose with folded hands somehow is responsible for installing "masculinity" in the country in the name of Nationalism. (Taking the aggression out of masculinity)Well, if I take that utterly ridiculous gobbledygook as some "creative psychological truth", then Nanak's upturned hand trying to bless everyone does t … [Read more...]

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