Vijay Dashami: Ram’s war was NOT against Ravan, but FOR Sita


When Ram had defeated Ravan, the Demon king; Ram walked over and bowed to him as a person of immense knowledge.  Albeit gone awry.If we are looking for Good vs Evil characterization of a fight, then it makes no sense for the "Good" to bow down to the "Evil".  But in popular parlance, that is how Vijay Dashami or Dusshera is characterized.  We are told its a fight between "Good" vs "Evil".. and the moral of the story is that "Good always wins".Ram's behavior at the end of the war says som … [Read more...]

The Utter Nonsense of Secularism

Secularism is called the panacea for all the problems that religion has created.  Religion, as defined by the Abrahamic dispensations.  Religion, that is no more than a belief system predicated on following.  Someone's edicts and utterings.If believing something that you have not experienced is sealed by an emphasis on faith without experience, then to uphold this faith and belief one needs to resort to fanaticism.  For, how do you assert the primacy of that, which you have not known.  For, i … [Read more...]

From Hinduism to Sanatana Dharma: A Critical Journey whose time has come

Hinduism is a moniker given by the invaders to the practices that were followed in the land beyond Indus, which they couldn't understand.  Those who had been colored in Beliefs and thought that was the only way to conduct the business of interacting with and seeking the Creator of the Existence - slapped the cloak of belief and its damning impact on unsuspecting people from the sub-continent.  Over the years, the ones with the Belief have rejected those who were Seeking, because they couldn't u … [Read more...]

For Dharma to survive amongst us usefully, Hindus will have to become Spiritual Seekers first

Last year Sadhguru was speaking to a group of people in Houston.  He said that Bhagwad Gita was an intimate dialog between Krishna and Arjun.  Krishna, from all the people he knew and who were dear to him, chose only one to give this knowledge/experience to.  Gita in Mahabharat has entered as Sanjay overheard the whole discussion and relayed it.  However, just the writing of the words do not convey COMPLETELY and ACCURATELY what Krishna disseminated to Arjun.  For, beyond the words, there was som … [Read more...]

Dharma Civilization Foundation establishes First Chair of Hindu Studies in the US

University of South California is doing a first.  USC School of Religion is establishing the first chair of Hindu studies in the United States.  The Chair has been established thanks to Dharma Civilization Foundation, which has given a grant of $3.24 million to the school.The USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences will have the Swami Vivekananda Visiting Faculty in Hindu Studies and the Dharma Civilization Foundation Chair in Hindu Studies., where work will be done to bring the bes … [Read more...]

Law of Karma has nothing to do with "Sow and you shall reap"

Law of Karma is quintessentially the discovery and gift of Indian Spiritual traditions - collectively called as Sanatana Dharma. Much before any other religion had even been conceived, the Sages of India knew of the how Action, Result and Reaction chain worked in a being's life and beyond. One's action and the results one came face to face with were connected. How, one didn't knew except for the deep dimensional understanding of how this cosmic law worked and how it could be handled. Many ways … [Read more...]

Dharma is God – Eternal, Intelligent, and Non-distinguishing

Buddham Sharnam Gachhami, Dharmam Sharnam Gachhami (Come to the Shelter of Buddha. Come to the Shelter of Dharma); . Surrender to the Lord. Tera bhaana meetha laage. Arjun, surrender to me completely.Niyam, Dharma, Law, Lord, Hukum, Cosmic Flow, Cosmic law - these are words used for just one thing. That, which Stephen Hawkins wants us believe is the Law of Creation sans a Creator. Just that those who articulated the above phrases called this law as the Creator! For them, law was the … [Read more...]