Marriage is deconstructing globally, Gay marriage or not!

Marriage is achanging.  Several trends are showing up in the world.  Not just in the West and US, in particular, but even in India.Gay/Lesbian marriages:  There is a growing acceptance of such a phenomenon and it is the understanding of this social attitudes change that Republicans are hurting from these days.  It is only a matter of time before the Gay/Lesbian marriages will be accepted in more and more countries and societies.Delayed Marriages:  Women are working and having better careers, … [Read more...]

Why is Divorce so Painful?

Why is Divorce so Painful?  Someone asks this question, which Sadhguru addresses in a profound way for the meditator.  How the body memory creates pain and suffering. … [Read more...]

Goodbye – A Story Of A Young Woman

"Papa, can I come back to you?" She murmured hesitantly in her cellphone, standing in a corner of her verandah, just outside her marital home. Sudha spoke as softly, as she could, lest her husband would hear her conversations. Sudha's father, Mr Kumar just knew what her daughter was saying, but he pretended ignorant and said "sure beta, do come, is Shailesh also coming with you?". Sudha understands it clearly how she, her feelings and her thoughts have been crushed all her life by this very tone … [Read more...]