Diwali is not a mere “Festival”, it is a Spiritual Possibility… a Shift!


Existence lies both, in the Gross and the Subtly profound.  In Matter and the Quantum.When Vibration happens in the subtle, matter and life as we know it happens.  Science points to both the realms.  Most of us cannot experience it as a human experience.  Because... and just because we have lived in the ignorance of any other realm of existence - at least consciously - other than the Gross, the subtle.. the profound never confronts us.  When one moves from the possibility of one realm to … [Read more...]

Sunita Williams, space record holder, sends Diwali wishes from the Space Station

Sunita Williams is the second woman of Indian origin to have gone into space.  She now has two world records - record for number of spacewalks for a female, and most spacewalk time for a female.Right now she is in space as well and has sent her special Diwali wishes to all from up there.Interestingly, her association with Lord Ram started when she was very young.  Her father recounts an incident where, when Sunita was just 6 years old, had built a sand castle on a beach and written "राम" (Ram … [Read more...]

Diwali – Journey from Darkness and Untruth to Light and Truth

Fulfillment of light as embodiment of Truth is the greatest aspiration held in Spiritual journey, which the Hindu way of life celebrates.  The light comes from clarity of one's perception of reality, and darkness stems from conditioning of mind and senses clouding the experience of life.Darkness is not evil, and Light is not just Good.  Darkness is the prevailing of ignorance of Untruth, and Light is the experience of Truth.Mind conditioning, which is facilitated by the gathering of i … [Read more...]

Joint Indian-Israel stamp commemorates Diwali and Hanukkah

India and Israel commenced full relations in 1992.  It was in the time of Atal Behari Vajpayee that the relations between the two countries were taken to a new height.Now, both the countries have come out with stamps to mark the festive season and also strengthening of the ties.  The stamp celebrates Jewish festival, Hannukah and Indian festival, Deepavali. The theme of the stamps is "Festival of Lights" - Israel's stamp features the menorah with the word "Zion" inscribed inside a magen david s … [Read more...]