Myriad Genetics patents Breast, Ovarian Cancer Genes: Who Owns Human Genes now?

Myriad Genetics, is a Utah-based biotechnology company.  It has discovered and isolated two extremely important genes associated with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer — BRCA 1 and BRCA 2.Now, Myriad Genetics has patented its discovery which grants it a 20-year monopoly over use of the genes for research, diagnostics and treatment. A section of researchers, medical groups and patients are challenging the patent as invalid and have sued.It is a very important court case.  The genes aren't c … [Read more...]

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Scientists use man-made DNA speck to store digital data!

Scientists have now created a synthetic DNA and used it to store 154 Shakespeare sonnets, a photo, a PDF of a scientific paper, and a 26-second sound clip from US civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jnr's "I Have a Dream" speech on it. The speck of hardly even visible DNA Scientists in Britain have announced a breakthrough in the quest to turn DNA into a revolutionary form of data storage that could fit the world's entire three billion terabytes of stored data into the palm of your … [Read more...]

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Beef Burgers in Britain and Ireland contained Horse meat

The Brits are in a bit of trouble.  Their Beef burger patties had Horsemeat in it as well. Many of Britain's biggest retailers were forced to pull products from their shelves yesterday as their suppliers were found to be selling beefburgers laced with horse meat.  Tesco's were found to contain up to 29 per cent equine DNA, while Asda, Sainsbury's and the Co-op all withdrew frozen burgers as a 'precautionary measure'. I am not sure what the logic behind adding Horse meat was, but my basic e … [Read more...]

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25% of Leadership Abilities are due to Inherited Genes

Will leader's son be a leader?  The Bushes, the Gandhis/Nehrus, the Clintons, the Kennedys, the Bhuttos - does a leader beget a leader off-spring?  Well, a new study seems to suggest that Leadership - although largely a learnt skill - is also inherited in part due to a Gene Sequence. The study, published online inLeadership Quarterly, is the first to identify a specific DNA sequence associated with the tendency for individuals to occupy a leadership position. Using a large twin sample, the i … [Read more...]

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Indians more Australian than European Settlers: Study finds Indians went to Australia 4230 years ago

In times when Australians - Caucasian primarily - are targeting Indians, for being "outsiders"... comes the scientific reminder from the Gene pool.  Mate!!  We are MORE Australians than you all are!  From the perch that Indians see Australia now, YOU may be outsiders! LOL.  See, how a small Gene thingy turns the tables?The recent study published on the "Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America" website (Link) says this: The Australian continent holds some of t … [Read more...]

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