Christian Anti-Hindu Bigot Nandy’s new rant: India should not win the Cricket World Cup!


Some weeks back we had discussed how political opposition to the ruling Government in India has metamorphosed into Anti-Hindu bigotry in India.  (Delhi Elections: Is Self Righteous Anti-Hindu Bigotry the new normal for Indian Secularism?) Of course, all in the name of a bastardized form of "Secularism".As the time is going on, things are going from bad to worse.  Ashis Nandy, a Bengali Christian and hailed by various bodies as a great Sociologist, who has been in controversies for his u … [Read more...]

On why Pico Iyer Unplugged from the Digital Grid and Social World

The digital world has taken over our lives.  So much so that we can't escape being constantly connected 100%. We text, we tweet, we carry cell phones like they’re life lines. We check our e-mails, our Facebook pages, our online status six different ways.  And then we start again.  We’ve known for a while now that the digital world – great as it is – could be addictive.  Overwhelming.  An obsession.  A leash.  A prison.Some people are breaking out.  Letting go.  Staying off.  Travel writer Pico … [Read more...]

Femina, India’s Women Mag, makes Publishing history with first Fully Crowd-sourced issue

Publishing in India is undergoing a lot of change.  Of all the publications, Femina has made an interesting foray into "CrowdSourcing".  It's first Crowdsourced issues has hit the stands as we speak.  The content has been completely contributed by the readers themselves. Their credo was - If you have got a story, we have got the space.There was a time when Femina was at the forefront of Women's magazines... and then reading Femina became an anti-Feminist activity.  Now, by inviting the blo … [Read more...]

Reason why Men struggle to understand Women Moods: Our Brain Systems dont work

Researchers at LWL-University Hospital in Bochum, Germany took 22 male volunteers - all single and all between the ages of 21 and 52 - to do an interesting study.  They were asked to view photographs showing just the eyes of a person, while undergoing an MRI scan.  Each photograph showed an emotion and choose between two words given to them that best described the mood of the person they were looking at.  They weren't given any other information.The idea was to see if these male subjects could … [Read more...]

What are the top 10 things about Life that we ought to be informed about

If you wanted to know just 10 most important things to lead a better life, what would they be?  Here are attempts of some folks. Very interesting. Read Quote of Justin Freeman's answer to Life: What are the top 10 things that we should be informed about, in life? on Quora Read Quote of James Walker's answer to Life: What are the top 10 things that we should be informed about, in life? on QuoraRead Quote of Jay Bazzinotti's answer to Life: What are the top 10 things that we should be informed … [Read more...]

Girls Dating in India: Story of a Girl who stopped Dating and Switched off her Facebook Account

Can the Indian population accept dating - open dating - easily?  I am not talking about the "Aunties & Uncles" or the religious and culturally defined mindsets.  I am talking about the normal college going men AND WOMEN.Apparently, no.  Here is personal story of a girl who used to date freely and openly.  She would interact and mix with guys easily - actions predicated on trust that the other person will have maturity.  But it wasn't so.  Now, she is off the dating map and has switched off … [Read more...]

Rise of Social Media Use in India

India's internet use is undergoing a change as the Smartphone revolution takes over.  Every urban youth is using a smartphone today and with it is coming the access to the social media.  This infographic discusses the various aspects of the use of Social media in India. … [Read more...]

Sophie, paralyzed from Waist down, discusses how sensation of sex has changed her

Sophie Morgan has been paralyzed waist down in 2003 at age 18.  Now, she is 28.  She thought that she will live a life of celibacy and will not have any experience or joy of sex.  But things are different now.  She not only has had the experience, but she enjoys it and also shares her joy with others.  It is indeed a miracle for someone who has lost all feeling in her body waist down to have indulged in and also enjoy the sensation of sex just like others do. You see, almost ten years ago, when I … [Read more...]