Secrets of Happy Families: Wisdom from Empirical study runs counter to traditional wisdom

For his new book, The Secrets of Happy Families, Bruce Feiler used his experience as an investigative reporter to discover new techniques and ideas to make contemporary family life more functional, more meaningful and more fun. Rather than turning to traditional experts, he interviewed creative thinkers from the fields of business, sports, technology, television and the military and much of what he found countered age old-wisdom about what it takes to have a fulfilling family life. Guest host … [Read more...]

Interesting and Funny “Interview” session before an Arranged Marriage (Video)

Every "interview" session is unique for all, but this is very typical - as in the discomfort, pauses, and uncomfortable questions - of the "dating" in an arranged marriage.  Interesting and funny!   Related articles from External SourcesForced marriage in our own backyard ARRANGED MARRIAGES: To be in one, or not to be? 'Arranged-with-love' marriages blend India traditions, modern culture Arranged Marriages Arranged Marriage and Shopping...Not so dissimilar after … [Read more...]

Punjab Govt bringing law to counter NRI Grooms who desert their Wives in India

In Punjab, the NRI grooms are notorious for deserting wives in India.  The people in Punjab are also obsessed about marrying NRIs and going abroad and for that they do whatever it takes to find and hook onto such a groom.  Many times it doesn't work out.  Not only is the girl deserted, but the in-laws have extracted a heck of a lot of money as well from the bride's family by then.  This needs to be stopped.  And now, after so many years the Punjab Government is proposing some measures. 15,000 wom … [Read more...]

Indian Americans trump all other ethnic groups in US when it comes to Family Values and Ties

Indian Americans have a rather strong family orientation.  From strong family ties to education to marriage, the Indians score the highest percentages in all the right measures nation-wide in US, as per Pew Research.While Republicans cry hoarse about "Family Values" and how it is based on a certain religious orientation, the fact remains that in all the main family related KPIs, the American public scores substantially lower percentages compared to the Indian Americans.Indian Americans seem … [Read more...]

What should you pass on to your kids?

A friend of mine was discussing how he was recently fretting over politics at his job and how that was giving him sleepless nights. He sees himself as the provider of his family and that is why he feels guilty and also simultaneously a feeling of inadequacy for not being able to provide for his kids, should something go wrong at his work. He is not the only one. I am sure many have been through that stage.What he said thereafter was pleasantly surprising and showed my friend's wisdom. As … [Read more...]

Man, Woman and the Marriages in Indian context

Recently, I have seen a spate of failed marriages in India and amongst Indians abroad. The traditional framework of marriage is under stress and that is visible in how easily and regularly the separations and divorces are happening. Even in cases where the marriage is intact, there may be interest of a spouse outside his/her marriage. Why is this happening?When one looks at the situation, it is fairly obvious that the reasons seem very common. The lady feels she wants more freedom and more … [Read more...]

Babies Are Not Us

While Gubdu babu would get restless around 7 months inside the womb, I would sit on a comfy sofa, close my eyes and listen to Bach. The bold chants, the heavenly music, surreal'd take me to another world. Another lifetime.I would hope that my baby would grow to appreciate such music. Would inculcate such spirit. He was not born yet while I was already sowing the quilt of my dreams with my knowing threads. I bought some dresses for him, Polo Ralph Lauren ones - the brand that his … [Read more...]

What to do when—Life After 36 Weeks

Pregnancy in general, forms a pattern. Apprehension-ease-discomfort. It's at its speedy best after 36 weeks when you're approaching full-term (Full-term is 37-42 weeks). You've come a long way with the emotional-physical-spiritual upheaval at the thought of giving birth. The mind, along with the body has reached a level of understanding with the new found status. You have felt the change. Made amends to your lifestyle. You've started looking at yourself and your partner in a new light. You have … [Read more...]