Buddha and Ananda: Sit by the side of your Mind to be meditative


There is a beautiful story form Buddha's life, which discusses the crux of being meditative.  Osho has explained it very well in this piece.  Worth reading.One day Buddha is passing by a forest. It is a hot summer day and he is feeling very thirsty. He says to Ananda, his chief disciple, "Ananda, you go back. Just three, four miles back we passed a small stream of water. You bring a little water -- take my begging bowl. I am feeling very thirsty and tired." He had become old.Ananda goes b … [Read more...]

Krishna and Sudama: Sudama’s gift was greater

Questioner : You say that persons like krishna don’t make friends nor do they make foes. Then how is it that he as a king comes running down to the gate of his palace to receive sudama, his poor old friend of childhood days and gives him all the wealth of the world in return for a handful of rice that his poor friend has brought as his present to him? Please shed some light on this special friendship between Krishna and Sudama.Osho : It is not a special kind of friendship, it is just a f … [Read more...]

Popedom finery is fine, but what does Christ have to do with Christianity?

In Gautama Buddha's own lifetime, he was able to help transcend around 30,000 people to realizing their own self.  That many Enlightened people were developed by just one man in his lifetime.  It so happened once that one of his disciples had transcended to an Enlightened self.  Yet he kept at the normal chores and following Buddha in his journeys wherever he went.  A year later Buddha happened to notice him and his realized self and asked him to stop following him around and "go walk his own pat … [Read more...]

Why is a society of Sunny Leones, Power-Money, Ramdev/Hazare-bashing so clueless about the Rape Epidemic?

When Gautam Buddha was setting up his Sangha, he admitted only male monks.  He is supposed to have said that if he admits women as well, his spiritual path that he was offering, will remain spiritually active for about 700-800 years.  With male only students, it will remain active for over 2500 years.Even Buddha didn't trust his own monks beyond a certain limit.And that was in isolation, with hard spiritual sadhanas and austerities.India of today has porn stars like Sunny Leone, Poonam P … [Read more...]