Marriage is deconstructing globally, Gay marriage or not!

Marriage is achanging.  Several trends are showing up in the world.  Not just in the West and US, in particular, but even in India.Gay/Lesbian marriages:  There is a growing acceptance of such a phenomenon and it is the understanding of this social attitudes change that Republicans are hurting from these days.  It is only a matter of time before the Gay/Lesbian marriages will be accepted in more and more countries and societies.Delayed Marriages:  Women are working and having better careers, … [Read more...]

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Let Gays be. One’s Sexuality is not an “Achievement” nor a “Disqualification”

Look at the pic below. Wouldn't it be better to say "I am proud of my son. He happens to be Gay as well"?There is nothing to be proud or not be proud of someone for his/her sexual preference or love. A person is worth respecting for who he or she is. Sexuality should NOT be a criteria in that.But this kind of slogans make the wars of ideologies - Hate Gays Brigade and others - even sharper and totally nonsensical.So just as I have little respect for those who target gays for what they … [Read more...]

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