Bhagwad Gita is not a Message. Not a book. It is a Process.

Unlike popular belief and suggestions by the great "thinkers" and intellectuals, Bhagwad Gita is not a message.  It is certainly not a book.  It is a process.  A process of raising consciousness.If it was a book, it would have been very easy.  Krishna would have thrust the book into Arjun's hands at night and asked him to read and come prepared to fight the Mahabharat in the morning.  Why fret?  Why spend time in "Viraat Roop" etc?If it was a message, then Sanjay heard it first hand.  Dhri … [Read more...]

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Acceptance is of Results and Free Will is in Action

"Spiritual progress is based on acceptance as a matter of free will and choice and thus everyone experiences only the world of their own choosing. The universe is totally free of victims and all eventualities are the unfolding of inner choice and decision." -- David HawkinsChristine, a Facebook friend, posted this excellent quote from David Hawkins. What puzzles many is how can one talk of "Acceptance" and "Free Will" in the same breath?They seem to be anti-thesis if one were to go by the … [Read more...]

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