Rajiv Malhotra at Bhabha Atomic Research Center: Why Indian Civilizational challenge to Western Universalism is required

Rajeev Malhotra's work on Indic civilization is unique and without parallel.  He has written two books - Breaking India and Being Different.  And in the latter specifically, he discusses how Indian civilization can challenge the Western Univeralism - which rode on the back of Colonial aggression and stuffed on the colonized.  For India, the Indian Historians just took those prejudiced and jaundiced views and have taken on the task of deconstructing the Indian work in Science and ph … [Read more...]

Leukemia patients pay 20 times in US vs India; India’s Drug Patents “Activism” and its impacts

Cancer in India is growing fast and drugs aren't there.  Ninety percent of children with leukemia in high-income countries will be cured, but 90 percent of those with that disease in low-income countries will die from it. The drugs are being developed by the companies in the West and these companies, using the reasons that they spent millions developing the drug - charge exorbitant prices.  Prices that Indian consumers cannot pay.  Nor of other developing countries.  India - more importantly, Ind … [Read more...]

Sikh Genocide 1984: There is NO way anything will ever happen to Jagdish Tytler

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” - George OrwellIn September 1999, Dr. Manmohan Singh was addressing the Press Club of India as a candidate from South Delhi.  Being a Sikh, and that too from Congress, he wanted to make a statement about the Sikh Massacres of 1984.  It should not have happened, he said.  However, the entire massacres were orchestrated by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and not Congress, he suggested.  After all, why would Congress, wh … [Read more...]

How a Construction Laborer got into IIT thanks to the Reservation Policy

Does the reservation policy in India benefit anyone?  Personally, I think the reservation policy is flawed.  Yet, one does find that some genuine people do get benefited... big time.  And, these are the examples that make you feel a little better with what is going on in the name of caste politics in India.  Maybe, a few years from now India's picture would be different, but if more people like this dude come up and vow to change the landscape of their own community.... hopefully things would be … [Read more...]

Indian Govt can’t pay Hockey team’s airfare to Malaysia for Azlan Shah: Withdraws participation

This is amazing nonsense from the Indian Government!  The Government now says that it doesn't have money to send the team to Malaysia for the Azlan Shah Hockey Tournament.  It is a 5 time champion at the tournament.  The budget for Hockey by the Government is Rs 10 crores 50 lakhs, and the cost of the trip would have been Rs 30 lakhs.  So, where did the money go??Imagine the ignominy, when even Pakistan makes it to the tournament and we - the growing economic power, the next Super Power - say w … [Read more...]

Salman Khurshid, we know Italian is running the Indian Govt, but is Italy DIRECTING our executive now??

When BJP has put pressure on the Government, Salman Khurshid - the schizophrenic moron has this to say, and its at once the most bizarre as well as bewildering argument. "There is no such thing. It's pro-active. There is such a thing as lawful. Whatever has to be done by law has to be done. I don't think that we should do anything that is done to please the opposition or because somebody puts pressure on us. What is lawfully required and lawfully justified is what will be done, what has been … [Read more...]

Micro-climates in Large Indian Urban Cities Contribute significantly to higher temperatures

Large Indian cities - specifically Delhi and Mumbai - are adding significantly to the climate issues around those areas.  The heat index that these cities have due to concrete structures, population and pollution also impacts the smaller towns and areas nearby. Now, Indian government-backed research shows that both Delhi andIndia's biggest city, Mumbai, are becoming "urban heat islands", with significantly different climates to their surrounding rural areas.Preliminary findings from the … [Read more...]