Is a Healthy Economy based on a Happy Country?

Is it important to have high economic numbers like GDP etc, or have people who are really happy.  Here is an interesting discussion on the happiness index and measures. How do we measure the health of the economy by how happy we are? Several national leaders and economists are increasingly looking at their countries’ collective happiness. The small Kingdom of Bhutan doesn’t use GNP (Gross National Product) or GDP (Gross Domestic Product) but GNH – “Gross National Happiness” – to reflect the statu … [Read more...]

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Rise of Indian TV and movies will drive revenues exponentially for media

India's media market, specifically the TV is increasing at a rapid pace.  After China, it is the largest market.  And it will keep at it. With TV sets in 167 million households (second only to China) and a government plan in place to increase the number of internet users from 94 million (out of a population of 1.2 billion) in 2011 to 175 million by 2017 and 600 million by 2020, the prospects for growth are enormous. This increase in the households and eyeballs for the TV will also increase the re … [Read more...]

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The Indian wildcard – growth vs rage for inferno: The growing youth population

India's growth rate of GDP has faltered to just around 5% in the last year or so.  It was hovering at 8-9%, which though far less than China's for most of last 25 years, but still substantial for an increase in jobs and prosperity for many.What people are losing sight of is that in the coming decades, not only will India need to increase the growth of the economy, but also its education infrastructure.  Because the population is increasing at a rapid clip.  Specifically the youth.  From 15-50. … [Read more...]

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US think tank discusses impact of growing population in India on its stability

Here a analyst from Stratfor - a US think tank discusses the impact that India's growing population will have on the stability of India and its influence in the region.  Also how an already weak central Government will get more stressed. … [Read more...]

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