Pakistan Govt paid $1.8 mn to journalists from Secret Government Fund

As much as the Pakistani journalists keep asserting their freedom, and keep accusing Indian Journalists of toeing the Indian Government line, the truth was that Pakistan media people would stand right alongside whatever lie or latest "controversy theory" that the Government would dish out.  So there was always a sneaking suspicion that there was a collusion between the Government and Journalists.  Now, due to a case in the Supreme Court by two journalists, Government has had to lay bare the s … [Read more...]

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Pakistan’s Intelligence Agency (ISI) Pays Its Journalists to Spread Lies

The media in Pakistan is rather strange in the way it discusses issues.  Specially the issues concerning terrorism and one that is directed against India.  As this lady says, many in Pakistani media are on the payroll of the ISI.  No wonder that those who aren't and take a different line - people like Najam Sethi, Hassan Nisar or Pervez Hoodbhoy - are often termed as being Indian RAW agents!  After all, this accusation reflects their own paradigm itself.  You can't come out with an explanation wh … [Read more...]

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