What is Yoga? (Sadhguru)

The word yoga means literally means "union" or "to merge". More than a set of physical postures or exercises, Sadhguru defines yoga as a science to determine the nature of who you are and what you want to be.  Sadhguru explains that yoga means to liberate yourself from that information which determines who you are right now. If you can distance yourself from this information, then you're moving into yoga.A great series on Yoga.  To learn more about Sadhguru and Isha Foundation, please go to I … [Read more...]

The sad state of American healthcare and patients: Bill Maher weighs in

No one can say it like Bill Maher.  So here I get his take on the Medical Science in the US.  This program happened during the Democratic primaries before the first Obama elections.  As usual, very incisive and hilarious!The state of US healthcare is really bad.  And by default, it is not just US healthcare - but this culture of popping pills and doing unnecessary procedures has become an epidemic every where in the world.  Sometimes, just exercising regularly can help.  Yoga, if done right, ca … [Read more...]

Unequivocal Evidence of Brain Surgery being done in Harappan Civilization found

A 4300 year old skull from the Harappan times has shown signs of brain surgery.  A paper in "Current Science" says that it is an “unequivocal case” of a procedure called Trepanation on the skull.Trepanation - is a common means of surgery practised in prehistoric societies starting with the Stone Age, involved drilling or cutting through the skull vault, often to treat head injury or to remove bone splinters or blood clots caused by a blow to the head.There have been evidences of similar pro … [Read more...]

How Sleep Patterns impacts Memory and Cognition

There is a strong link between sleep, memory and cognition.  As we age our sleep patterns change along with the ability to remember things. We spend a lot of time sleeping (roughly one-third of our lives, according to the National Institutes of Health). But how much downtime do our brains really need? Experts discuss the links between sleep, memory, and cognition, and why our sleep patterns change as we age.Here is an interesting video news on how the type of sleep helps with the … [Read more...]

America’s weight problem: Anorexia amidst widespreasd Obesity!

On the one hand, America has an acute Obesity problem.  Very young kids are vulnerable and in desperate trouble.  But there are kids on the other side of the range as well - those suffering Anorexia.  These are kids who want to lose weight and not eat.  The problem seems to be more acute than most of us would think!  Here is an interesting in-depth look into the whole issue by Tom Ashbrook in OnPoint Radio! “Anorexia can strike and kill as early as kindergarten.” The headline left us breathle … [Read more...]

One Bullied kid shapes his pain into an incredibly beautiful movie (Must Watch!)

Shane Koyczan was a kid bullied.  He went through incredible pain and rejection.  He saw first hand, how other kids - mean and ignorant - could harm the psyche of another in a very damning way.  He saw similar experiences of other kids.... And he learnt the "Truth".Watch this absolutely incredible movie made by Shane, who poured his heart out later.. much later in his life. … [Read more...]

Are we hard wired to Avoid Exercise?

Are we wired for being against the exercise?  It seems that there are individual differences because of the threshold we have in our body for exercise.  And that can make it easy for some and difficult for others.  So what is the way out?  Start with baby steps... and slowly building up.An interesting discussion from WSJ podcast.Image Credit: Mikebaird … [Read more...]

Adderall – drug for ADHD – Addiction on US Campuses rising

Kids and youth need to focus in this age of lots of information.  So what are they doing? Abusing a medicine that is used for a particular psychological ailment.  This could have long term impact and situations for the youth who are caught in this web! The United States has four percent of the world’s population, and produces 88 percent of the world’s legal stimulant drugs. Including Adderall, the amphetamine-based drug widely prescribed for ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Impre … [Read more...]