Religion may be of a Book, but Spirituality has nothing to do with Books

The Existence - the Universe (or the Multi-verse, maybe?), the Solar System, the planets, the species and the human beings on Earth and everything else in between, function in an amazing harmony.  Harmony has nothing to do with "Peace".  Just as the Galaxies are eating each other - violent bunch them!; tremendous purging and killing is happening within the bodies and cells of every living creature.  In Human body for example, many bacterial cells are fought and killed.  There is tremendous "bl … [Read more...]

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The Big Fight (NDTV) on Higgs Boson: Some Reflections

There is a lot of interest in the "God Particle" and the debates on TV are happening on the subject as well.The debate on NDTV under the title "The Big Fight" was one such discussion / debate.  My interest of entry in this debate was that my Guru, Sadhguru was also part of the panel.The discussion was interesting and in many ways, the prejudices and biases of people came out as well as their stance.Some of the interesting things - Swami Atma Preyananda of the RK Mission was an interesting … [Read more...]

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Higgs Boson or God Particle: What is it and Why is it Important?

Higgs Boson - or the "God's particle" is in news these days.Some have come to know that the Boson is a word that is based on the name of the Indian Science great Satyendranath Bose.  Bosons are elementary sub-atomic particles which were named after Bose, because of the work that was in the quantum physics area by him along with Einstein.  It is said that Bose's research paper on Quantum Statistics was rejected by various journals, until it landed in the hands of Einstein.  Einstein recognized t … [Read more...]

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