Arbitrary and dictatorial executive action: Congress giving Swami Ramdev the “treatment” for his audacity to protest corruption

In June, 2011 as social activist Anna Hazare had announced that he - along with his supporters - will go on a fast against the endemic and plundering corruption in India, specifically by the ruling Government, he was greeted with a dictatorial threat.  Ruling Party, Congress' General Secretary "advised" him - "Anna saheb says he will again sit on fast. If he does so, he may get the same treatment as the other (Baba Ramdev) got recently." (Same fate as Ramdev awaits you: Digvijay Singh to Anna Ha … [Read more...]

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Income Tax Appellate decides “Hinduism is neither a Religion, nor a Community”!

It seems the Government Agencies in India seem to go in to some kind of philosophical high road when it comes to Hinduism - if it suits them, and then takes a whole turn around when it doesn't.We hear all about the devilish "Hindutva", a fanatic belief system, and how Hindus those who support a certain cause is no good.  Also, it is very popular to paint Hinduism black with caste systems etc.  But ask for a legal stand, and what you get is something totally different.Here a temple o … [Read more...]

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Pakistan’s President and Prime Minister are tax evaders!

In an interesting piece of news, a Pakistani report suggests that 66% of their elected leaders did NOT file any Income Tax returns.  Rest filed with incomes so low that it is almost a mockery.  Almost - perhaps all - all evade taxes.  So much so that the country's President Asif Ali Zardari and PM Raja Pervez Ashraf BOTH are tax evaders! The Centre for Investigative Reporting in Pakistan's report said two-thirds of the country's elected political leaders failed to submit any income tax returns la … [Read more...]

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