Wikileaks and the Shocking Picture of Corruption and Betrayal by Congress and the Gandhi Family!

This past week has been a treasure trove of Wikileaks information for Indian politics.  And interestingly, it leaves the "First Family" of Indian politics - the Gandhis - in a dump.  Wheeling-dealing Rajiv Gandhi, Authoritarian Sanjay Gandhi, a corrupt household, and unpredictable Indira Gandhi.  The Congress in general has come out to be a cesspool of betrayal and corruption.First, Rajiv Gandhi was said to be the middleman for the Saab-Scandia deal as early as the 1970s (Rajiv Gandhi played a … [Read more...]

Myths, facts and Schizophrenic, Hallucinating, and Hypocritical anti-Modi “Activists”

Steven Wilkinson of the Duke University has authored a detailed paper on Violence and Riots in India.  The raw data has been published in the paper titled: Varshney-Wilkinson Dataset on Hindu-Muslim Violence in India, 1950-1995, Version 2.Here is an interesting insight from this data:During Nehru's rule - from 1950 to 1964, 263 riots in 16 states occurred.During Indira Gandhi's rule (1966 through to 1977 and then 1980 through to 1984) 337 riots in 15 states have been recorded.  And, this is … [Read more...]

After 60 years of Khalistani and Islamic Terror against Hindus because of Congress policies, 10 Hindus commit crimes means LACK of Saffron terror not its presence!

For last 65 years of India's independence, India has been mainly governed by Congress and its allies for most part.  Kashmir issue was created by Congress.  Its mess was perpetuated by Congress under Nehru, Indira Gandhi and then Rajiv Gandhi.Khalistan problem was also created by Congress.In the last 65 years whenever India has seen terror attacks it has seen those attacks for two main reasons - if you leave the North East out for now (which also btw is a Congress created mess) - and they a … [Read more...]

Difference between a Yes Man and a Leader

 A ‘yes man’ is a dangerous man. He may rise very high, he might even become the Managing Director of a company. He may do anything but he can never make a leader because he will be used by his superiors, disliked by his colleagues and despised by his subordinates. So shallow– the ‘yes man’. - First Indian Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw … [Read more...]

Prisoners of Conscience, a movie – from the years of Emergency in India in 1975

Today, the country is again seeing a repeat of the emergency - albeit, undeclared one.  The mediamen and women are crawling again, when asked to bend - as the famous saying went during that time in 1975.  Here is a flashback to that era of political prisoners, which again seem to be a reality. (Hat tip: Saptarshi Ghosh)Now watch and read on. June 26, 1975 is remembered as a black day for Indian democracy. On this day, 36 years back, the then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, d … [Read more...]

SoniaG devastated as Dr. Singh finally speaks his mind out with a clear, unambiguous – “Theek hai?!!”

At the end of a very serious and precisely written and equally abidingly delivered speech, one which had not a word here or there, Dr. Manmohan Singh was relieved that his script was over.  The sock puppet looked up asked the photographer if all went fine - "Theek hai"?  Photographer was so taken in by the brilliance of the speech, where he was glued to the screen trying to understand how a man with a working brain pull of such a speech, that he forgot to switch off the camera!In another day a … [Read more...]

Misleading and False campaign by Zakia Jaffri against Modi on Capitol Hill

Zakia Jaffri was at Capitol Hill trying to lobby to deny Narendra Modi the US visa - as the US seems to have become a bit lenient with him and cozying up. "If he (Modi) succeeds to become the Prime Minister, my hopes for justice, along with the hopes of hundreds of thousands of Gujarat victims will be lost. I hope and pray that never happens," Zakia Jafri, wife of the former MP, Ahsan Jafri, said at the Capitol Hill on Tuesday. (link) What??  How did Modi deny her justice???Now, Zakia's issues … [Read more...]

Usurping Tax Payers Money for the Gandhi-Nehru Family

A reply in Rajya Sabha by Information and Broadcasting Minister of State, CM Jatua is very enlightening.In India, the money of the tax payer goes into the money given to different ministries to do work for the citizens of the country in various ways. The portfolio of the ministry aligns to the priorities of the country and the money needs to be spent there for the betterment of the country in that area. But is that how it happens?In 2011 alone - the money spent on just the print ads (the … [Read more...]