“Flying Pakistani flag in US and Canada should be illegal”: What is Pakistan and where is it headed?

In this discussion, which started from the article of Tarek Fatah on why flying the Pakistani flag in Canada (on a Govt building during a function) was illegal to the history and reasoning of why and how Pakistan was formed.  How the "Anglo-American Enterprise", as Tarek calls it, was instrumental in the formation of Pakistan.  And it had nothing to do with Islam.He is writing a book which will touch upon why all the terrorism emanating from Pakistan and happening in other countries can be d … [Read more...]

Jamaat-e-Islami threatens to sue Mumbai Police after its circular says JeI brain-washing girls for Jehad

The problem with the Jehadi Muslims is not just that they are indulging in Jehad.  But, that they feel that it is not just their right to do so, but anyone even so much as pointing it out, has to apologize.  Heck, should even be sued!An internal circular of Mumbai Police about a local Islamic Organization of girls says that this organization is brainwashing the girls to prepare them for Jehad.  This is certainly not the only organization which is doing so.  We know that SIMI has done it and man … [Read more...]

Isn’t Islamic Kalma an Exclusivist statement and does it incite violence?

When something is repeated as a matter of right - religious right at that - and with fanatic passion, then the social take on those things usually seems to become that it is kosher.  Often even truth.  One of the reasons - actually the Major reason - why out of all the ideologies, I believe Islam begets violence is because it is Exclusive in nature.  It tries to trash everything else as opposed to its professed ideology.  Not only does it trash other ideologies, it does so righteously.  As if its … [Read more...]

Days of Shias are numbered; as the “Greatest Believer” prepares to win the end game!

Shias in Pakistan are in trouble.  No not just because of the deadly bomb attacks.  But because they have the ignorance to say that those who do such bombs attacks "aren't Muslims".  When it is too late, and the sword has just been thrust into their hearts, someone will break a news - that "Shias are Kafirs, NOT Muslims".It is a rather strange situation, isn't it.  You are defenders of a faith, that you don't even "represent" yourself.  A verdict by people who matter.  Those who can kill and co … [Read more...]

Secular Media’s Selective Amnesia as thousands of Muslims attack Hindu Villagers in 24 Parganas in Bengal

There have been large scale violent attacks by the Muslims on Hindus of that area.  People have been killed, houses burnt, businesses looted and temples desecrated.  Administration had given a free reign to the fanatics until it was too late.  The question is why is there only few mentions of this carnage in the National News - that too in remote columns?Bias: Secular and CommunalGiven how the newsreports go, had the Hindus attacked the Muslims, the news would have very clearly and un … [Read more...]

Saudi Preacher Rapes, breaks skull, back and burns 5 yr old daughter goes free after fine by Islamic Court

What an animal!  How can someone do to his own daughter??  And what does the court do to him?  Leave him after a fine.  Which, btw, was half of what it would have been had it been a boy! A Saudi preacher who tortured his five-year-old daughter to death has been released after agreeing to pay 'blood money', activists said.Lama al-Ghamdi died in October having suffered multiple injuries including a crushed skull, broken ribs and left arm, extensive bruising and burns.  The child had also been re … [Read more...]

As Rushdie and Kamalhaasan are targeted, Kamal crumbles to terror blackmail

Kamal Haasan and Salman Rushdie face the ire of the Muslims and both the women Chief Ministers won't take chances.  So, they are ready to bend to their vote banks compromising the state's legitimate power. J Jayalalithaa's Tamil Nadu government was quick to ban the screening of Haasan's new movie Vishwaroopam after certain Muslim groups thought it was religiously offensive.  Mamata Banerjee's West Bengal government pressured the book fair organisers not to have Rushdie over, fearing that the p … [Read more...]

Ancient Manuscripts May Be Among Casualties of Malian Islamist Conflict

Timbuktu has been taken back over by the French, but the Islamists destroyed a lot of things in that city, most importantly the manuscripts. The city of Timbuktu has suffered extensive damage at the hands of Islamic rebels, including destruction of ancient manuscripts and other artifacts. We get background from special correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro, who traveled there 10 years ago, and Jeffrey Brown talks to Mary Jane Deeb of the Library of Congress. All may not have been destroyed, but what … [Read more...]