Pakistan Govt paid $1.8 mn to journalists from Secret Government Fund

As much as the Pakistani journalists keep asserting their freedom, and keep accusing Indian Journalists of toeing the Indian Government line, the truth was that Pakistan media people would stand right alongside whatever lie or latest "controversy theory" that the Government would dish out.  So there was always a sneaking suspicion that there was a collusion between the Government and Journalists.  Now, due to a case in the Supreme Court by two journalists, Government has had to lay bare the s … [Read more...]

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Rehman Malik is a proxy of ISI and Pak Army: Hamid Mir

We have talked about how stupidly has Rehman Malik been speaking around in India.  Here is a discussion, where Hamid Mir, who was recently targeted by a bomb attack, speaks out where Rehman Malik's sympathies lie.  The "Establishment" Hamid is talking about is none other than the Jihadi elements in ISI and Pak Army.   Related articles from External SourcesMalik vows to provide effective security to Hamid Mir Hamid Mir escapes a bid on life; Malik assures security TTP claims r … [Read more...]

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