Spiritual Saviors? But there is nothing to Save!


One day I happened to meet a rather self righteous-posing as a do-gooder missionary.  He had a script firmly implanted in his mind and went through the usual narrative of how I was a sinner - rather we all are - and then how Jesus could be my savior.  His small talk and then this rather despondent news of me being a sinner, without him knowing anything about me, left me really irritated.  So I took him head on."So, who did you say is my savior, Sir?""Jesus"."Oh, the dude who was dra … [Read more...]

How a guy made a Bike out a car, when it broke down in the middle of Sahara, to come out of the desert

When adversity hits you, how do you react?  That is the most important ingredient for happiness and success in life.  This is a story of a guy who was stranded in the Sahara Desert with a broken down car.  But he used what he had to create something for himself to get out of that place.  Incredible story!! Read Quote of Christopher Reiss's answer to Life: What is the best thing that anyone has made? on Quora … [Read more...]

Popedom finery is fine, but what does Christ have to do with Christianity?

In Gautama Buddha's own lifetime, he was able to help transcend around 30,000 people to realizing their own self.  That many Enlightened people were developed by just one man in his lifetime.  It so happened once that one of his disciples had transcended to an Enlightened self.  Yet he kept at the normal chores and following Buddha in his journeys wherever he went.  A year later Buddha happened to notice him and his realized self and asked him to stop following him around and "go walk his own pat … [Read more...]

What is Truth?

The very idea of "Truth" is so restricted and incompletely understood.  Truth, in real Spiritual sense, is existential in nature.In this video Sadhguru re-defines truth in existential terms, not in the words you speak but in the way you are. He explains how the essential nature of life is all-inclusive. This is the nature of truth and with absolute inclusiveness there can be no suffering.  … [Read more...]

Sky Burial: Tibetan Practice where the Dead are cut into pieces and offered to Vultures

Watch the video with the practice.  Unfortunately, these westerners cannot understand the significance of the practice and end up with proclaiming primacy of Jesus and their own beliefs.  The problem is that West has not known any other way to live except to eulogize the body and the physical.  So, when they come across such ruthlessly practiced form of the understanding that body is a useless vessel once a person is dead.... they somehow can't come to terms with it.Btw, this is very similar to … [Read more...]

2 million Russians take a dip in icey cold waters celebrating “Feast of Epiphany” – Russian “Kumbh”?

As India is celebrating the Maha Kumbh, it seems Russians also have something similar - which now has become more of a "Health Benefit" event - thanks to the Ice Water Swimming group people.  But there is a religious reason also.  One difference between Russian practice and MahaKumbh is that Russians don't do to "a place".. they just take a dip wherever they live.More than two million people in Russia celebrated the Feast of Epiphany, taking part in traditional bathing by immersing themselves i … [Read more...]

Jesus was born in Bethelehem, but NOT the one near Jerusalem

Was Jesus born in Bethelehem?  A new study and archeological find says yes and no.  Yes, he was born in Bethelehem, but not the one where the Christians flock to, like they did this Christmas.  Many things are in favor of this new place that has been found by an Israeli archeologist. About 100 miles north of where the pilgrims gathered, shepherds still guide their flocks through green unspoiled hills, and few give notice to the tucked-away village with the odd sounding name: Bethlehem of the Ga … [Read more...]