“No Place on Earth”: How a bunch of Jews lived in a Cave for 511 days to escape Holocaust

"No Place on Earth" is the incredible story of a small group of Jews who literally went underground, into caves, to escape the horrors of the Holocaust. It happened in 1942 in the Ukraine. The story began to come out only much later when a cave explorer fro new York City happened upon the scene. And now it's told in a documentary that mixes the first-person accounts of survivors with re-enactments of events from the past.For 511 days, they hid underground in Ukrainian caves while fellow Jews … [Read more...]

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Gandhi ALSO blamed Women for getting Raped; Do Misogyny and Obsession with Sexual Purity go Hand-in-Hand?

Mahatama Gandhi was, after all, the "Father of the Nation". What's wrong if the sons take after their father?A lot has been said about Rape and the Indian culture.  Even Hinduism has been invoked to show linkages to the rape epidemic currently in place in India.  But are we victims of the prejudices of moralistic politicians who neither knew Hinduism nor were straight with the people?  Gandhi - the Father of the Nation - is one such person whom we shall look at today.Gandhi once said of a Ra … [Read more...]

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Curse of the “Bapus”: Why target Asaram? Was Gandhi’s prescription to Jews any different?

Asaram Bapu has made some comments which have sparked a lot of protests.  What he said basically was that when the Rapists were trying to rape the girl, she should have called them "brother" and begged them to leave her.This is coming obviously from a person who (i) has never known a woman's pain at being overpowered and brutalized and (ii) has never been raped.But what has surprised me is that why has the society suddenly woken up to the menace of idiocy masquerading as "Non Violence" and … [Read more...]

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Jesus was born in Bethelehem, but NOT the one near Jerusalem

Was Jesus born in Bethelehem?  A new study and archeological find says yes and no.  Yes, he was born in Bethelehem, but not the one where the Christians flock to, like they did this Christmas.  Many things are in favor of this new place that has been found by an Israeli archeologist. About 100 miles north of where the pilgrims gathered, shepherds still guide their flocks through green unspoiled hills, and few give notice to the tucked-away village with the odd sounding name: Bethlehem of the Ga … [Read more...]

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Why I have no sympathy for Palestinians

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has again fired up in Middle East and the violence is ever the more terrible.  The "intellectual liberals" around the world are projecting the strikes by Israel as "terrorism" and parading the casualties in Palestine of the men, women and babies as cruelty.  Of course, these sections blame Israel.I DON'T!  Simply.  I just don't.  Not just that, I have no sympathy for the Palestinian "victims".  Let us see why I have "gone heartless"?  Or have I?Recent Histor … [Read more...]

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Headley had stayed close to Chabad Houses

David Coleman Headley, the US-based Laskhar jehadi terrorist who intelligence agencies believe was here to help Lashkar plot multi-city attacks on Israeli and Jewish targets, always stayed closer to Chabad Houses -- prayer house of Jews -- while travelling within India.Union home secretary G K Pillai on Saturday confirmed that he had stayed close to Chabad House and Osho Ashram while in Pune -- a finding that he said had led the Centre to issue an advisory to Maharashtra government and Pune … [Read more...]

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