Pakistan Govt paid $1.8 mn to journalists from Secret Government Fund

As much as the Pakistani journalists keep asserting their freedom, and keep accusing Indian Journalists of toeing the Indian Government line, the truth was that Pakistan media people would stand right alongside whatever lie or latest "controversy theory" that the Government would dish out.  So there was always a sneaking suspicion that there was a collusion between the Government and Journalists.  Now, due to a case in the Supreme Court by two journalists, Government has had to lay bare the s … [Read more...]

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Rehman Malik is angry with Lashkar-e-Jhangvi now

This guy is hand-in-glove with the extremists in Pakistan.  He is the main sympathizer in the establishment of the Jehadi elements in ISI/Army as well as non-state actors.  And his utterances in India were symptomatic of that.  When he came here, he didn't come here to create a dialog, but to break whatever dialog was going on.  And now, as the violence in Pakistan escalates against the Shias and the Christians, Rehman Malik is again there to obfuscate the issues.Next to doing the violent att … [Read more...]

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Nehru Place in Delhi is amongst the Top 30 Global “Notorious IT markets”

We all know that.  And a major part of India's surge in computing world is due to these pirated things.  Good or bad, I am not sure.  But it was necessary for India's middle and low income class to help it bridge the gap.  As an Indian and knowing India's history - I would say that every society does what is right for itself.  And sometimes, another group or country's people get impacted.  There was a time when India was the greatest exporter of garments and cotton specifically.  But the Brits ca … [Read more...]

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Embarrassed of their identity, Pakistani-Americans pass themselves off as Indian now

In a way it is sad that someone has to deny his nationality because of its taint.  But in a lot of ways, many of the Pakistanis are responsible for what has happened in their country and the community here in the US.  After all, the jingoism, the fanaticism and overtly expressed religious fervour has led the youth and the community as a whole to a point of extremism.When I first came to US in the late 1990s, I started consuming Pak Media, something that I had never been exposed to.  So, I st … [Read more...]

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Immigration Law Update #1: Karachi Consulate Expanding Visa Service from Feb 1

The U.S. Consulate General Karachi announced that they are expanding visa services in their new office building. Beginning February 1, 2011, all residents of Sindh and Balochistan should apply in Karachi for the following nonimmigrant visa categories:Business travel (B1)Tourist visas for senior citizens over the age of 65 (B2)Renewals of tourist visas that have expired within the past year (B1/B2)Crew Members (C1/D)Student and Exchange Visitors (F,J,M)Journalists … [Read more...]

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