Terrorist fund, Bureaucrats/Politicians enact, and Leftist Activists in India promote: Network of Human Rights Mafia in Kashmir and India

The mafia of the Politicians, Bureaucrats, Paid Media, Human Rights Activists and the Terrorists is ruining the country, but more so the Indian Defense Services.  When someone like VK Singh a person who wasn't a "Yes Man" comes along, he is targeted in every way.But in the normal course what happens in India when it comes to treatment of the Defense Forces is shocking!  Specially, when it comes to fighting insurgency and terrorism.  Look at the now famous/infamous "incident" that has been the s … [Read more...]

Pakistan media laments India’s Win on Kishanganga Project

I really hadn't heard about this in the Indian media. But it is very significant in the India - Pakistan relations. Even if not in view of India, but definitely from the perspective of Pakistan. This is sure to be raised in every media outlet by the extremists.The International Court of Arbitration at The Hague on Tuesday upheld India's right to divert water from the Kishanganga hydroelectric project (KHEP).Reacting to the development, official spokesperson in the ministry of external affairs … [Read more...]

Kashmir Issue: A very interesting, insightful discussion

Very few fora and still fewer analysts have ever talked of Kashmir in an intelligent way.  I feel one of the very very few is Barrister Bashani.  He is a Kashmiri himself from the PoK.  And his knowledge of Kashmir's history and that of Pakistan is second to none.  He is well read - with insights and perspective on almost all the components and events that have shaped Pakistan and Kashmir the way it is today.  That is why listening to him alone is an educational experience.In this discussion, h … [Read more...]

Iranian Girl Band to Kashmiri Girl Band, Pragaash: Our Mullahs not as bad as yours; we can do music!

It is always interesting when victims of one tyrannical society mock the helplessness of victims of another.In this case, an Iranian Girl Band has expressed shock, not only at how the Kashmiri Girl band was hounded into silence, but also as to how little support they have from their society and family. Sahar Lotfi finds it strange that an all-girls band in Kashmir has been hounded into silence. Where she comes from, her all-women group called the Ghazal Band has been blasting out Sufi music at … [Read more...]

After 60 years of Khalistani and Islamic Terror against Hindus because of Congress policies, 10 Hindus commit crimes means LACK of Saffron terror not its presence!

For last 65 years of India's independence, India has been mainly governed by Congress and its allies for most part.  Kashmir issue was created by Congress.  Its mess was perpetuated by Congress under Nehru, Indira Gandhi and then Rajiv Gandhi.Khalistan problem was also created by Congress.In the last 65 years whenever India has seen terror attacks it has seen those attacks for two main reasons - if you leave the North East out for now (which also btw is a Congress created mess) - and they a … [Read more...]

Newspapers in Kashmir Valley suggest tips to survive a Nuclear attack; Coincidence or Portend of Future?

In a strange coincidence or portend of forthcoming disaster, one is not so sure, ads in the newspapers in Kashmir are telling people on what to do during a Nuclear attack. The notice, published Monday by the Kashmir police in the Greater Kashmir newspaper, advised people to build toilet-equipped basements large enough to house their entire families for two weeks. If there is no basement, residents should construct bunkers in their front yards, the notice advised.The shelters should be stocked … [Read more...]

1400 year old Ghosts fought in 1965 war and beat the Indians: Zaid Hamid

I am sure many have seen and heard this die-hard Pakistani rabid analyst, Zaid Hamid.  He talks a lot of nonsense and rants out rabid threats against Jews, Americans, and specially choicest ones against Indian.But, nothing would have prepared, even me - who had written a stinging article on him many years back (Zaid Hamid and the Hallucinating Pakistani minds) which was at one time ranked higher on Google search than any other Pakistani website post on him (got >160 comments) - for this … [Read more...]

Pakistan Planting Landmines inside Indian Territory: Army only releases pictures; Nation Awaits a “Plan of Action”!

Not only did the Pakistanis enter Indian territory and behead two soldiers in violation of the Geneva convention and the Cease fire agreement (Read this . this and this)  , but it is also going ahead and trying to do more damage.  It is planting landmines INSIDE the Indian territory! This is clearly an act of war from their side.  One wonders what "Place" and "Time" is the Indian Army Chief waiting for?  And, what really is the "Plan of Action" of the Government itself? … [Read more...]