Jamaat-e-Islami threatens to sue Mumbai Police after its circular says JeI brain-washing girls for Jehad

The problem with the Jehadi Muslims is not just that they are indulging in Jehad.  But, that they feel that it is not just their right to do so, but anyone even so much as pointing it out, has to apologize.  Heck, should even be sued!An internal circular of Mumbai Police about a local Islamic Organization of girls says that this organization is brainwashing the girls to prepare them for Jehad.  This is certainly not the only organization which is doing so.  We know that SIMI has done it and man … [Read more...]

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Kerala Resident Charged with “Sedition” for clicking on Like for “I Love Pakistan” FB page

If things keep going the way they are going - given the lunacy of the Government and the private citizens - very soon it will be impossible for the common man to even go onto the internet or for someone to start an online venture.  Now comes a Sedition charge on a person, who was living in Kochi and had "liked" a Facebook page titled "I Love Pakistan".  it apparently showed a dog wrapped up in the Indian tricolor.  It is awfully sad that an Indian citizen would do such a thin, but there are all s … [Read more...]

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Kerala High Court ruling on marriage after conversion: death-knell for Love Jihad?

In a rather interesting judgment,Kerala High Court has ruled that Marriage which follows a conversion will be invalid in the eyes of law.  In this case, a Muslim man and a Hindu girl married after the Muslim man had converted to Hinduism.  Interestingly, it was the girl's father who objected!  Not just that, the court also ordered that unless the marriage is complete under the Special Marriage Act, the girl - who is NOT a minor - will have to stay with her parents! The Kerala high court on Tu … [Read more...]

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Muslim Youth doing "Target Practice" of slaying Hindus by hacking down stray dogs and cows in Kerala!

In Kerala a war preparation is going on and the authorities as well as media is either quiet or ambivalent about it.  It is going on in the following districts: Kannur, Kozhikode, Mallapuram and Thrissur districts apart from other places like Kakikavu, Pandikkad, Changaramkulam, Peinthalmanna and Palakkad.Muslim youths are "target practicing" for killing Hindus.  The way they do it is by taking street dogs and then hacking them with swords while going on a bike after them... Simulating the s … [Read more...]

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