Improved Hiring Forecast in India as 94% businesses plan on hiring in 2013

India Inc is hiring in 2013.  The confidence index seems to be stable as of now.  Although it has slipped 4 points since October, but the Regus global business confidence index for India is currently at 137 points for April.  In a survey by workplace solutions provider Regus which spanned more than 26,000 businesses in nearly 100 nations - including India - gave an insight into the hiring patterns of the global companies.For India, 94 per cent of the businesses are planning to hire. "...94 per … [Read more...]

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Indian IT companies headed for a rough future

Experts are predicting that the high profit margins experienced by the Indian IT companies will erode in the next 3-5 years.  And would settle at just around the 11-15% mark. Within the next two years, experts predict that operating margins will fall to below 20% (the average is 25% now for Infosys, TCS, Wipro and HCL Tech) and settle at a level that just about takes it past single digits. For comparison, in the quarter to September, the average operating profit margin for corporate India was … [Read more...]

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